Best ways to turn email subscribers to social fans

More followers for the company’s social sites look great. Have you tried building your social following through the email list? This is the best way to gain followers for your company’s social site. Email subscribers are already engaged with your brand. Hence, it is the best way to engage your loyal fans with your brand. Here we are going to discuss the Best ways to turn email subscribers into social fans

Best ways to turn email subscribers into social fans

Nothing is certain in the world of social media. It is considered as the best platform to build a brand and it is much needed to utilize the platform for gaining followers and subscribers. Here are some of the best ways to convert your email subscribers into your social followers:

1. Include social links to Introduction emails

After a user has become your subscriber and has opted in to receive your messages. Here is the time you make them more engaged in your brand by encouraging them to follow you on social media. That way you can stay connected with your customer over a long period of time. Include social links to Introduction emails is the Best ways to turn email subscribers into social fans.

2. Add social links to confirmation pages

Once people are signing up for your emails they are most likely to become social fans of your brand. Hence, the best option is to pitch to follow the social handles during the subscription process. When the visitors choose to receive information from your brand via email, then send them a customized email subscription confirmation page that should include social links.

3. Include CTA, everywhere you can

Social media should be fun. So it is important to be creative in your emails too. Hence, if you add your social link in the email with a call to action button to like or follow us on our social networks. Also, for extra engagements, you can also add special deals, discounts or updates by liking our social page.

There can be numerous things you can do to encourage your website visitors and email subscribers to like your social pages and engage with them on a regular basis. With all these tactics, there can be a better chance to gain many social subscribers. Some of these tactics will perform outstanding, maybe others won’t.

Therefore, keep a track of which tactic is performing at par and which is not. In the end, try different things and run campaigns to keep your social media site in the mind of the visitors.


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