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Industrial training in digital marketing

Digital Mantra is providing industrial training in digital marketing. If you are looking for a transition or change of your career in digital marketing then this is an unavoidable opportunity for you.

Digital Mantra offers a wide range of programs for Digital marketing live project in sector-2, Noida under the guidance of the best industrial experts.

The program consists of 7 days, 3 months and 5 months durational courses which comprise from basic to advance level modules designed for both students, working professionals, and business owners. 

Industrial training in digital marketing

The industrial training in digital marketing offered by us will help you to get the edge over people who are not familiar with digital marketing. It will provide you with knowledge about how the internet is shaping the lives of people and how you can give a boost to your career. Just like the markets, jobs are also evolving. Get a skill that will not only make you money but also save you from going out of fashion.

More and more people are needed to fulfill the demand of the increasing number of jobs in digital marketing. In this era, the world is getting digitalized, a huge number of skilled digital marketers who know technology like the back of their hand are required. 

We have come up with a practical and useful industrial training in digital marketing to train more individuals into a skilled digital marketer which will ultimately fulfill the gap.

We have mentors who are Google certified who are already professionals and have been in the same field for more than a decade.

DigitalMantra is backed by IIM alumni named as Mr. Devendra Singh who is the director and CEO of the company. The course costs you very less. You would gather the knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), E-mail marketing, Mobile Marketing, Google AdSense, Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing and many more on the Digital Marketing Training in Noida.

A business owner or an entrepreneur can enroll themselves in DigitaMantra where they would be provided with the techniques and disciplines which is needed to be utilized in organizations or business. We prove them experiences to learn and handle several tools which are necessary for the business person or in industry. Our institute offers classroom training with live practical sessions which help aspirants to get into the ground of digital marketing.


Why you should join simulation based training program?

Ever heard of Simulation based training program in Digital MarketingCurious to know in-depth?

As technology is getting advanced, Elearning software, and our understanding of how people learn, there is a rise in simulation-based training.

Simulation-based training enables you to learn through applications and situations that imitates real life, and in a risk-free environment. Simulation-based training can be applied across many different fields. 

In business areas, like project management and customer service; medical field, which allows practical work in life-saving situations; the military and drone piloting, commercial drivers, etc.

We are going to give more details on the same in this article so that you could have a clear picture.

What is a simulation training program?

Simulation is a technique for practicing and learning which can be used in different field of work and trainees. It is a technique where trainees get the real experiences with guidance that is the replica of the real world in an interactive condition and tasks. 

Simulation based training is a method to develop the professional knowledge of digital marketers, skills, and disciplines. Here you won’t be spending unnecessary money on your organization and can learn the techniques to resolve all the practical dilemmas. 

Simulation based digital marketing training program in Noida is provided by DigitalMantra. It is a valuable tool to make you understand the market as an expert in a cost-effective manner.

It is one of the best ways to assess the decisions of trainees in front of simulated real-life situations.

Here learning is done in a managed environment where a trainee can obtain hands-on experience integrating key theoretical concepts with interactive, computer-simulated situations.

Simulation based training features and benefits:

The following are the simulation based training features and benefits:

1.Hands-on Experience – If we allow students or learners to get the experience of live ad account including campaign creation, real-time optimization, optimization reports, and comparison, etc. As these systems are connected to the real, a wrong step or click can cause huge loss by the organization with no outcomes. 

But when you utilize the simulations in your training program, you can avoid such disasters by making the learners familiarize the techniques before getting their hands on real-time marketing.

The whole simulation-based program functions like real marketing which provides you a perfect environment to learn. 

2.No Limitation of Practicing – I hope you have been hearing a phrase since your childhood that “Practicing makes you perfect.” To achieve perfection you need to go through several trials and errors to get the perfection in any skill or procedure. 

Simulations based training provides trainers to get an unlimited trial to make their skills perfect.

If a trainee does any mistake then, they can repeat the procedure and start over again. Automatically, when a learner repeats the process they start noticing the mistakes they are doing and the learner gets well in contact with the entire process.

3. Instant Feedback and Good Learner Engagement – Here learner gets evaluated from entire activity in the format of learning, trying and doing with the simulation tool while you cannot judge a learner through conventional training and on top of that you cannot go through tests and assessments at periodic intervals during the course.

If there will be any error while performing the activity, the learner gets immediate feedback and it allows them to identify their mistakes and errors.

4. Spread out – The components of the e-learning course are nothing but is a method to impart knowledge in a passive manner. Conveying the information could be of various types including videos, audio clips, presentations or infographics; and it depends on the learner to grasp the things. If a learner is learning through 

 If you have an E-learning program which comprises of simulations then it will help you to change this by spreading it out a little. Practice can help you in imparting knowledge not just by learning.

Get Ready for FutureSimulations are not really have obtained their full attention yet. Presently they can only be used in particular disciplines or situations.

Simulation based training program can go up to the next level by the utilization of virtual reality. If you combine virtual reality with manual controllers then it helps users to interact with the virtual environment. 

With the help of these, we can learn realistically and we can perform a lot better in the market. These are not expensive which makes them valuable for everyone. 

Why you should do this program from DigitalMantra?

Simulation-based training has opened up a new educational application in digital marketing. DigitalMantra will make you get familiarize with the actual marketing market where you learn and practices practically and can even check the outcomes.

You would be assisted by Google certified expert mentors who will not only teach you but share their experiences through this simulation program. You can come and join DigitalMantra where we would be providing you Simulation based training program in Noida sector 2.

Learners will see the potential in virtual reality learning and will invest time and energy.

DigitalMantra is providing simulation based training in digital marketing in a cost-effective manner and training should be examined in terms of improvement of campaign optimization and its impact on an organization’s bottom line. 

You would be a certified digital marketer with expertise.

Want to remove fresher tag then join our advance digital marketing course in Noida

Are you a fresher and don’t have experience?

Well, that’s why we are here for. Get industrial experience to get over the rollercoaster of your career.

Here you will get the answers about your career in digital marketing. DigitalMantra has designed the advance digital marketing course in noida to help you master the essential disciplines in digital marketing. Digital marketing is growing very rapidly and is known to be the fastest growing disciplines across the world.

This certification course will raise your value in the marketplace and prepare you for a career in digital marketing. DigitalMantra is known to be the best digital marketing training institute in Noida sec 15 offering advanced courses at affordable prices.

Advance digital marketing course in Noida

We all are aware of the fact that traditional marketing is no more effective. Digital marketing is leading us to reach targeted customers at the right place and the right time. We are providing a digital marketing training program in Sector 2, Noida.

Course Description

It comprises of 5 Month Advance Digital Marketing Course which expands your in-depth knowledge and builds up your digital marketing expertise. In this course, you would be provided with 3 months of advanced digital marketing training in Noida with 2 months of paid internship.

During these 3 months, you will learn every basic to expert learning. It comprises of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media, conversion optimization, content marketing, web analytics, email, and mobile marketing, etc.

Get trained by certified marketing professionals who have industrial experience. We mainly focus on practical oriented training so we train students with hands-on training and live projects.

You would get more than 30 hours of simulation-based training where you would be dealing with real-time marketing. This would help you in becoming an expert in the organization’s digital marketing plans.

In simulation too, students experiment with marketing strategies in an engaging game-like exercise. Students are exposed to online ad management across different social media platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., this will lead to skillful techniques and ideas to deal and become a professional digital marketer.

2 Month Paid Internship

Our digital marketing2 month paid internship is a specialized program designed for college students, aspiring digital marketers and marketers to gain practical advance industrial experience by working on client’s projects and helping them achieve potential audience through their digital field of knowledge.

The candidate would be provided with real work challenges which are according to their field of expertise including SEO, content marketing, mobile app development, website creation, social media promotion, and many more.

The interns would be provided with the wages along with an appointment letter. Interns will get a chance to work very closely with a team of highly professional employees assisting them performing the job with efficiency and accuracy.

In the end, you will come up with experience in your hand by adopting an advance digital marketing course in Noida.

If you are looking for a program which also pays you then, the 5-month digital marketing training course would be the best to choose where you come out with experience and advanced techniques and specialty.

Digital Marketing Certification Program

You can attain a 12+ certification program including certification from DigitalMantra.

Our specialty

  • The mentors are highly experienced Google certified
  • You would be provided with 1 lakh virtual money which will provide you with real-time marketing environment.
  • Revisions and backup classes are available
  • Simulation-based training, and many more.

Benefits of taking the digital marketing specialist course?

Digital marketing, the most envied skills for any marketing professional to get a higher salary and a more impactful role.

Entrepreneurs find digital marketing the most desired medium to reach potential and targeted customers.

For Students, career prospects and job security are the essential keys for students. Digital marketing positions offer high salaries and job satisfaction. This could help students to stimulate their career.

Digital marketing training program help professionals to expand their skillsets and master digital marketing to confidently manage complex digital marketing problems.

This advance digital marketing course in Noida is known to be one of the most in trend course. So, grab the opportunity and become an expert.

How to become a Digital Marketing expert in the year 2019

If you are planning to walk into the field of digital marketing then this could be considered as the right time. The sensation in the marketing industry can be seen and on top of that, it is very necessary to be on the top of your game. It has been reported that there is an increase in the digital economy.  Here we are going to discuss the 8 ways to Become a Digital Marketing expert in the year 2019

Once you plan to start your own business it won’t be easy. If you want to start and maintain it up to a level then you need to work hard. There are multiple ways to engage with your customers in the digital world. In fact, you can master in digital marketing and increase the growth of your business.

8 ways to Become a Digital Marketing expert in the year 2019

If you want to level-up your skills or want to get into a higher position in an organization then there are multiple ways to attain it. Here you will learn 8 ways to become a Digital Marketing expert to specialize, strategize, and streamline your career.

1. Go for online certifications

One of the most important thing to become a better digital marketer is to stand out of the crowd in the industry then you need to do some certified digital marketing course

If you are working online then why not learn and get certified online. There are many certifications which are free and some are paid. These certifications are just to make you more skillful and at the same time, you get the advanced techniques and increase your own horizon in digital marketing.

You can initiate it from Google Academy for Ads, you will get trained here and can access the study material before going for the exam. You will learn Google Adwords to digital sales and mobile site design and more.

If you plan to go only for SEO, there are different certifications for it. You can take a course and get certification for inbound marketing with HubSpot Academy.  

Once you stand out of the crowd with several digital marketing certifications then you can definitely become a professional marketer and it is one of the best ways to become a digital marketing expert in the year 2019

Don’t stop yourself from doing something and learning.

2. You need to be updated

 If you want to become a top digital marketer then you need to keep an eye on top of industry news followed by major digital marketing websites and need to know about the influential people on social media platforms.

This could be a very great option to learn but in a very minute amount. 

All the major social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., updates every now and then by adding more adjustments to their paid advertising platforms and algorithms. So, keep eye on them and be aware of the changes or you would be in a wild ride if you don’t keep yourself updated.

Go through Social Engine Journal every day where you can find updated industry journal. 

You should follow the industry leaders and experts in SEO, PPC, you can even check them out in your break. This could be a great opportunity to learn new concepts and go through the expert conversation over social platforms. It can be technically utilized by you in your daily work life.

3.  Build networking or Speak at events 

Conferences or events could be a great option to build your confidence level and this could be the best platform to represent your skills and experience in an interactional manner.

When you start speaking in conferences where you are surrounded by a group of experienced, talented, polished marketers that means you are getting an opportunity to build your networks even with the local marketers. You can learn from their experience and they will be your ongoing support network. Nurture your relationships with other digital marketers through presentations and workshops.

If you are a newcomer then you can start with a local digital marketing meetup exposing you to networking and conversations without the pressure of a big talk that could be a ways to become a digital marketing expert in the year 2019.

4. Get your own personal projects 

This is also one of the most important parts of becoming successful. It helps you to attain more experience so that you can take decisions wisely and achieve success in it. You need to try and come out with your ideas. 

Everyone in the field of digital marketing is aware of the fact that there is no certainty so, the best practices can be achieved from which you get the best results for your business.

Try your hand in multiple disciplines like SEO, Social Media, PPC, etc. and many more and take the accountability either for the success or failure of a project.

5.  Create your own content

If you are one of them who likes to write then you know the concept of researching before writing. This is the best method to get exposed to the new ideas going in your surroundings. 

Writing and talking about digital marketing helps you to get polished and refined with your concepts and values. There are multiple methods through which you can attain a habit of writing content including:

Write an article for your company or any other industry if you get a chance.

  • Get your own personal blog
  • Guest post on digital marketing podcast
  • Participate or host a webinar

If you write an in-depth guide, use the same concepts in an infographic or talk about them in your next vlog.

6. Be aware of all the terminologies

If you are a professional digital marketer then it is very necessary to get aware with the acronyms like SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

If you make a mistake defining them anywhere then, you will never be considered as a pro in the digital industry and might be treated as a beginner and require training.

It is very necessary to have the ability to examine and determine the campaigns in digital marketing and understand the requirement of elements to do effective work depends on your ability in the industry. 

7. Volunteer your time

Once you start doing the volunteer, this could be the best way to extend your horizon. 

If you are a digital marketer but works as an in-house marketer, then volunteer could be the best option to get the exposure to new industries. You can attain experience with other offerings like paid ads if you focus on one specific offering like social media through volunteer work.

8. Become a Geek

Digital marketing is more technical and data drove than we would care to admit. 

You won’t be developing websites from scratch but you will be communicating your marketing strategy to a team of developers or designers who have a responsibility for incorporating your recommendations.

Basic knowledge of HTML and graphic design would help to make you stand out among the less technically minded candidates.


No one in the digital marketing industry comes as a professional.

They all start at some point and have reached the peak of their profession by grasping these principles and dedicating themselves to personal growth and evolution.

You can also become a part of your success journey.

Study and learn in your own time. Devour industry resources and follow thought leaders to stay on top of innovative developments which comes under the ways to become a digital marketing expert in the year 2019.

Finally, embrace every challenge as an opportunity to get more experience. Once you look back then, you can see yourself how far you’ve come as a digital marketing professional.

Get INR 1 Lakh Virtual Balance for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Are you a digital marketer but don’t have enough money to spend on advance yourself? 

Don’t Worry! 

We (DigitalMantra) have a solution for you.

DigitalMantra is providing 7 days durational digital marketing course in Noida.

On top of that, you are offered with tremendous opportunity to get simulation based training in Noida.

With the provision of experienced professional experts, DigitalMantra has designed 7 days digital marketing course which is a classroom-based training program. The trainee can learn PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign management and Adwords experience

The digital marketer can gain an in-depth knowledge of targeting strategy.

What is Simulation based digital marketing training in Noida?

As time passes by digital marketing is becoming more complex and is developing at a very high rate. Now, the techniques and tools of reaching the targeted audience have become more sophisticated and are evolving every now and then. 

With the use of simulations, marketers can evaluate the impact of new technologies and features on their communications with the audience.

Simulations you can keep up with the constant stream of product innovation.

The learner would be facing virtually a real-world challenge which encounters while working on a real client project.

For example; you would practically learn to adjust bids for a PPC campaign that is underperforming or testing multiple versions of a landing page in search for a better engagement rate.

This gamified simulation tool is high in demand by novice marketers. They learn to take decisions by themselves and get good results with positive feedback. This whole process is under the guidance of a certified professional

As the risk of damaging a client’s brand or spending real funds is removed, learners typically demonstrate creative thinking and problem solving which are later applied to real projects post-simulation.

Comparison between DigitalMantra training and Other Institutional Training

Training at DigitalMantra                      Other Institutional Training
Simulation-Based Training No Simulation-Based Training
It costs you less than 20K i.e., cost-effective It costs you more than 50K
Consume 7 days only Consumes more than 2 months
1 Lakh virtual money spending Not Available
Feasible for students, employees, entrepreneurs and business owners Not feasible for everyone

Feature of 7 Days Training Programm

This 7-day simulation based PPC training Programm would be comprised of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign management. 

  • Google certified experienced trainers.
  • 3 days of classroom training and get hands-on training over simulation tool to run the campaigns. 
  • Once you are done with 3 days of classroom training you would be offered with INR 1 Lakh virtual money which you would be spending to learn how to manage campaigns
  • Managing campaigns will make you industry ready and make you a pro in PPC.
  • In the end, there would be an assessment examination which would be telling how professional you get and what new things you have learned.

What are the certifications?

Google offers much digital marketing course to train the students with many digital marketing process and strategies. These certifications are free of cost. 

This will help you in building growth in your career and adds value to your resume.

The techniques which have been added to your skills would boost a company’s revenues to a greater extent.

The Google certification will be comprised of:

  1. Google AdWords Fundamental
  2. AdWords Search Certification
  3. AdWords Display Certification
  4. AdWords Mobile Certification
  5. AdWords Video Certification
  6. AdWords Shopping Certification
  7. Google Analytics Certification

You will also receive a training certification from DigitalMantra. 

It does not matter what you do or in what profession you are, but what matters is that you should have zeal, passion, possession, and dedication towards becoming a professional and advanced digital marketer.

Join our 7 days digital marketing course program in Noida where you would clear all your doubts and queries you have. Our experienced mentors will help you to become professional and stand out of the crowd. DigitalMantra provides one of the best simulation based Digital Marketing training in Noida.

Don’t miss the chance as there will be limited seats in the batch. Now is the time to take a decision and get enroll yourself.

Contact us :- 

A-73, Sector-2, Noida

Sanfran DigitalMantra Pvt LTD.

Mobile:+  91-9871736644 , 9971566688, 0120-4159656

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers

Here we are going to discuss the top 10 Digital Marketing young influencers which have flooded their success over the social media platform. Young people in today’s world are the most active internet users and they have the power to gain attention in a very short interval of time.

In the present scenario, marketing through the media is very common and must. Every human is busy over the internet and in fact, it has been found by the researchers that we spend around two hours twenty-two minutes per day in social media platforms.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencer

1. Prajakta Koli Youtuber

PrajaktaKoli is widely known for her comedy videos on Youtube channel named as “mostly sane”. She is a very popular Youtuber in India and she regularly posts vlogs, comedies, and vines. She is having 3.9 millions of subscribers on Youtube. She is basically from Mumbai “City of Dreams” and she is one of the social influencers at the age of just 25 years.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencer
Prajakta Koli Youtuber

Her dreams were to become a radio jockey when she was young and have also worked at Fever 104 FM radio station in Mumbai as an intern. Through social media, she is earning around INR2.45 lakhs to 3.36 lakhs every monthShe was also declared as the ‘Viral Queen’ of 2018 at the Indian Wiki Media Digital Awards.

It has been found that on 7th March 2019 she won a “Women of Worth (WoW) Award” by Outlook Business magazine and was awarded as the YouTuber of the Year at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards on 24 March 2019.

Prajakta was also featured by Entrepreneur Magazine as part of their 35 under 35 class of 2019. PrajaktaKoli only 25 years old and she comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

2. King Sidharth Entrepreneur

King Sidharth is mainly recognized as India’s top young entrepreneur and has listed in the World’s 25 Young Entrepreneurs in the year 2010. He has started his work in the field of website design and development but at the same time, he never restricted himself to explore more. He is a regular speaker on the topics spirituality and entrepreneurship.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
King Sidharth Entrepreneur

Sidharth has started his own online magazine for teens named as “Friendz” and also writing a book about the intersection of science and spirituality and he is now 28 years old. King Sidharth only 25 years old and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

He started developing short video clips on the internet. Sidharth is planning to organize a conference named as Createens and this conference would be for the teenagers for the guidance in blogging, entrepreneurship and many more. He is the head of product design at Instamojo.

3. Deepak Ravindran digital Marketing Influencers

Deepak Ravindran is Digital Marketing young influencers widely known for the development of Lookup which has been widely utilized by the users and this app connects consumers with local businesses.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Deepak Ravindran digital Marketing

He is the founder and CEO of Lookup and the Co-founder of Startup Village. Deepak’s first venture was Innoz. Technologies which was initiated in the year 2011 along with his four friends from college. In 2011, he started SMSGyan, an SMS-based system which was initially launched in India.

Deepak was also the Co-founder and CEO of Quest app which is a platform enabling mobile phone users to ask a question via a text message.

Deepak is mentioned in the list of outstanding innovators under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. The age of Deepak is 34 years old. He is accredited as the “Mark Zuckerberg of India” by the Business Insider.

4. Akhilendra Sahu Founder Of ASTNT Technologies 

AkhilendraSahuis only 17-year-old and he is the Owner & Founder Of ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Technical Next Technologies. He is only 17 years old and is known as the Young Indian Entrepreneur. The company of Akhilendra ASTM  is an Indian based company which provides services in the field of website development, digital marketing, application development, and search engine optimization.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Akhilendra Sahu Influencer

He is ranked on the top in Madhya Pradesh as a web designer. The company Technical Next Technologies provides publishing and web hosting solutions in India. He has also published his apps on the Google Play Store. AkhilendraSahuis only 17-year-old  and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

5. Somya Gupta Instagram celeb

Somya Gupta is an Instagram celeb who is known for her fashion modeling photos and lifestyle sharing pictures. She has an Instagram page named as “TheSassThing”. She is only 20 years old and has already flaunting herself in front of the world boldly.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Somya Gupta Instagram Celeb

Currently, she is having more than five lakhs followers on Instagram where she has posted more than one thousand pictures of her. She is basically from Mumbai.  Because of her popularity through Instagram and her interest in fashion and makeup, she has been a brand ambassador for a several beauty product lines, including Maybelline India, Calvin Klein, Loreal, Lakme, Garnier, and many more.

Through her social media presence, she earns around INR 200,000 each month through advertising on the social media platform. Somya Gupta is an Instagram celeb and she also comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

6. Ritesh Agarwal Founder of OYO Rooms

Ritesh Agrawal is only 25 years old and is the founder and CEO of one of the largest hospitality business OYO Rooms.

Since childhood, he was interested in software. Later, he joined the college “Indian Business School” but after attending 3 days he took a leave to start working on a project and he never came back. He just continued his work and today he owns a company and have a network of budget hotels in 154 different cities and have more than 2,000 hotels.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Ritesh Agarwal Founder OYO

Ritesh has won the award of Business World Young Entrepreneur and is a fellow of Thiel foundation. His first venture was Oravel Stays in the year 2012 which helped him to achieve the funding from VentureNursery. Today Masayoshi Son of Softbank the world’s biggest investor wants to partner with him.

He has also received Forbes “30 under 30” award and Top 50 Entrepreneurs by Tata First Dot. His monthly income is more than INR 2 crores.

7. JoJo Siwa Digital Marketing Influencers

JoJoSiwa is an actor and youtube personality and a social media influencer. She is having over 8.4 million followers on Instagram. JoJo posts her videos every day on her youtube channel named as “JoJoSiwaVlogs”.

JoJo has 9.7 million subscribers and she has appeared on different shows like Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, etc.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Jojo Siwa Digital Marketing Influencer

while JoJo became famous after appearing in “Dance Moms”. JoJo has partnered with American department store J. C. Penny where she is promoting her accessories, dolls which resembles her and have also released books which aim to young people.

The full name of JoJoSiwa is Joelle Joanie Siwa and she is 16 years old and is already earning a net worth of 10 million dollars. Her signature look is a tight ponytail with a big bow. She is promoting herself through social media and even helping other brands to promote.

She is actually utilizing the perks of social media marketing. JoJoSiwa is an actor and youtube personality and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

8. Ryan Higa Youtuber

Ryan Higa is an American actor and a Youtuber. His channel on youtube is known for comedy videos. He is the most subscribed person from the year 2009–2011 and his youtube channel is named as “nigahiga”  and have 21 million subscribers. He has become a star and is now promoting several brands like Lenovo and comments on movies but one main thing which makes him out of the crowd of social marketers is that,

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Ryan Higa Youtuber

He stays true to his audience and Ryan has cultivated a huge mass of fan base which helps him to interact with the millennial and targeting younger consumers. Ryan has 2.01 Million followers on Twitter where he tweets every now and then.

He knows how to attract his fans and he is a professional in it. Ryan Higa’s age is 29 years old and he has a net worth of 10 million dollars.

9. Ben Pasternak Australian entrepreneur

Ben Pasternak is a popular teenager who is an Australian entrepreneur. He got famous in high school when he launched his first app.

His full name is Benjamin Pasternak born in Sydney and he dropped out of his school to focus on the career he opts for. During his teenage, he created 2 apps named as “Impossible Rush” and “Impossible Dial” which he sold later.

Later, Ben was included in the list of Crain’s New York Business Magazine ’20 Under 20′ where the lists of teens have mentioned for their work at an early age and want to make their mark in the world. Pasternak was named as the most influential teen by Time Magazine.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Ben Pasternak

His other work is a retailing app Flogg which have raised million euros in venture capital. This app was mainly developed for the young generation where they can buy and sell any item, a kind of retailing app.

He is having his own company comprises of 7 members in New York. He is only 19 years old and he has a net worth of 4 million dollars which is more than 27 crores. Ben Pasternak is a popular teenager and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

10. Tiffany ZhongCEO of Zebra IQ

Tiffany Zhong is merely 21 years old but she is the founder and CEO of Zebra IQ. She had made this company to make a way between the brands to understand the demands and the need for youth and Generation Z along with their views and suggestions.

Tiffany was recognized as the TIME’s Most Influential Teens of 2015. She is known to be the youngest venture capitalist when she joined in Binary Capital soon after her graduation. Her statement in the World Report was:

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Tiffany Zhong

“I am fearless. I’ll try all sorts of things, I’m a risk-taker.”

At the age of 15 years, she started a magazine focusing on music, technology, and fashion  Later, she was in a tech education startup and joined as a full-time investor focusing on early-stage consumer startups. She has been a great marketing influencer. Tiffany Zhong is merely 21 years old he is the founder of Zebra IQ and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

According to the report presented by Data and Marketing Association, 45% of marketers have plans to utilize social media for brand marketing and in the next five years, there would be an increase in spending.

Over the past few years, influencer marketing is on the verge of marketing and this is much more popular in the group of millennial as they trust their influencer’s review before buying the product or services from any company. The young influencers are playing a vital role in social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Hello Everyone Today we are discussing the Digital Marketing Trends 2019. In 2019, many new digital marketing trends and strategies have come into light in the current high-tech, Internet-connected era.

These trends have become vital for businesses to use them to succeed in their goals and objectives because what worked for them last year may not bring the same positive result this year in fact what factors and trends were in the last year is not being used anymore currently.

Digital marketing which includes SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is facing evolution with every passing year. We could remember a time when we might have considered artificial intelligence or visual search using the latest blockbuster science fiction film as a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade.

But that time is long gone and these things are now in digital marketing trends 2019 and used in real time.

Following are some digital marketing trends for 2019

1. A/B Split Testing: 

Talking about marketing we cannot leave out analysis and testing. So let’s start with A/B Split Testing. In A/B Split Testing there is a comparison of two different versions of a web page or app against each other to check or determine whose performance is better.

Digital Marketing Trends 2019
A/B Split Testing

AB testing is an experiment where the users were shown two or more alternative form of a page randomly, and to determine with variation performs better, statistical analysis is used for a given conversion goal. It helps you to build traffic so that you can reach your target and could also get to know how to make it better. In digital marketing trends, 2019 AB testing is most important.

How it works:

First, you make a second version or an alternative of your web page or app screen. In the variation on the second page, you can alter and redesign everything on the page or just add some button or just keep it simple.

Digital Marketing Trends 2019
A/B Split Testing Work

The experience of the visitor engagement on the website on both the page versions including controlled and changed would be collected and measured in the analytical dashboard and through statics, it is being analyzed.

In this way, you can analyze whether it was an effective change or negative change on visit behavior.


Impact of A/B testing can be seen in SEO (search engine optimization) including there is no cloaking, use only 302 redirects rather than 301 redirects, use rel=“canonical” link attribute on all alternate URLs.  In fact, A/B Testing is used in media and publishing business to increase their audiences and subscription. In digital marketing trends, 2019 AB testing is most important

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence has taken over the market all over the world. AI can help businesses and understand how users and customers find their products and services by analyzing consumer behavior and search patterns, utilizing data from social media platforms and blog posts.

It paves a way for brands to identify their audiences who are interested and develop core messaging. AI majorly help you to collect and gather leads and also help you to group them according to their behavior.

Digital Marketing Trends 2019
Artificial Intelligence

AI provides tips and information to interested users through conversation with them. In the year 2019, there has been a massive use of AI which had led to the growth and have also taken part in saving costs by getting on top of their competitors.

According to Blueshift, 28% of marketers use Artificial intelligence for the recommendation of products while 26% of markets used it for campaign optimization and many marketers are planning to integrate this technology to grow their business.

The main focus of using AI includes expansion of audiences, targeting audience, campaign optimization and recommendations of products. In digital marketing trends, 2019 Artificial intelligence is most important

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Can easily create contents:

By the help of AI tools, you can generate contents which looks like that it has been generated by a human and many industries are taking the benefits of these tools and few of the examples are as follows: Quill, Wordsmith, and Article, etc. In fact, there are several articles in Washington posts are created with the help of AI technology.

Email marketing:

You can do email marketing on the user’s behaviors and preferences. It will also help you to analyze data of the consumers including what kind of content attracts, which kind of mail generate more clicks, on which particular days you should reach the user and many more. Tools used for email marketing are Persado, Boomtrain. In digital marketing trends, 2019 email marketing is most important

3. Programmatic Advertising:

In today’s era, it is very tough to attract the audience’s attention in the current digital world. Many websites are over the internet trying to capture the audience and that’s why we are here going to talk about Programmatic Advertising.

In simpler word programmatic advertising is nothing but automating ad buying so you can target more specific audiences with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This automation is much more efficient and fast which in turn will result in higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

Digital Marketing Trends 2019
Programmatic Advertising

This technology enables marketers to target larger audiences over a wider range of channels in a very short time without any loss of efforts. Programmatic Advertisement can optimize in real-time bidding or auctions which means marketers can reduce the number of cost-per-leads.

It has been resulted by the study of eMarketer that by the end of 2020, 90% of digital display ads will be programmatic in the U.S.  In digital marketing trends, 2019 Programmatic Advertising is most important

4. Chatbots:

Like previous years this year also chatbots will again be one of the integral parts of lists of digital marketing trends in 2019.

It has been seen that many customers prefer interaction through chatbots as they are more responsive and this artificial intelligence based technology provides excellent customer services. In the year 2020, its impact could be widely found in the healthcare and banking sector.

digital marketing trends, 2019

There are many service providers’ websites over the internet providing live chat support systems but still, the people experience long wait. With the use of chatbots, the users will get instant revert on the frequently asked questions and this might help you to increase the conversion.

Through a study done by the Leadpagesalso, they have seen that the conversion rate was multiplied 36% by the use of chatbots. In digital marketing trends, 2019 Programmatic Advertising is most important

Another example is Uber who communicates with their customers by the use of chatbot technology and it also helps them to hire cars even on Facebook messenger, Google or Slack and in fact they can tell the customers their estimated arrival time.

5. Personalization:

If you have to succeed then you need to mark your unique presence in the crowd. In 2019, personalize your marketing simply means personalized content, products, emails, and more.

Personalized marketing is very effective and more than 90% of marketers have experienced that personalization has increased the customer relationship. In fact, people in the U.S. have found personalized marketing content appealing and many consumers have also said that they would believe more if they have the experience of personalized shopping.

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Advantages of Personalized Marketing:

  • It helps you to improve customer experience
  • You will experience the revenue generation
  • Consistency of brand
  • Help you to increase brand loyalty
  • Cross-channel selling opportunities

Netflix is one of the known brands is already utilizing the full advantages of personalized marketing. When you log in to the account you get the carousels, banner, artwork, etc which are all personalized for you. In digital marketing trends, 2019 Programmatic Advertising is most important

Challenges Faced in Personalized Marketing:

  • There are few hurdles arise when you do the personalized marketing and few of the issues are as follows:
  • It has been seen that there were troubles in linking the customer data into a single customer profile,
  • Implementation of smart segmentation by the marketers, and
  • The requirement of smart personalization engine to the marketers which can fulfill their needs.

5. Video Marketing:

Video marketing has gained so much popularity that it cannot be removed from the list. Video making has become a very simple and cheap process these days. So every businessman, marketers are choosing the option for personalized video messages rather than phone calls or email.

It is very simple to explain video marketing where a video is used to promote the brand and to market your services. More than 70% of the business have seen the increase the growth in their business by applying the trend of video marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends 2019
Video Marketing

This video marketing is not only restricted to Youtube but also have spread itself over the internet like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. In digital marketing trends, 2019 Video marketing is the most important.

Benefits of Video Marketing:

Boosts Conversion & Sales:  74% of the customers have stated that they are more confident in buying the products online after watching a product video.

Videos essential in SEO: If you have reached your targeted audience then you can increase your search engine ranking, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Youtube is on the front line through which you can target your audience.

Attract laziest buyers: In today’s era, there is no time to read a long product description due to which video is more preferred. It helps you to reach a wide audience and it helps you boost your business to reach your targeted consumers.

6. Influencer Marketing: 

According to recent marketing trends, influencers is a very effective marketing tool for attracting customers. Influencers can be anyone who helps spread the word about your business or product through their social channels. Instead of marketing it to a mass of consumers, you pay the influencers to spread the word for you.

digitalmarketing trends 2019
Influencer marketing

According to Adweek, influencer marketing is set to reach $10 billion in worth by the end of 2020. In the industry, we have spotted from a rising marketing tactic to an essential part of most marketing budgets.

Things to be considered while influencer marketing

  • You need to be patient as the word would be going to spread between the people around the globe.
  • Need to spend time on research by organizing the budget and determining compensation, plan, and strategy.
  • Need to integrate with your product release schedule, PR schedule, etc.
  • Determine your goals and message.
  • Lastly, you just need to find your influencers and contact them to promote your brand.

7. Social Messaging Apps: 

Social messaging apps are not only for sharing funny videos or gifs or emojis. It is also very useful in sending messages to customers directly, as they allow personalization (another trend) and add value to the users’ experience.

Today messaging app is not only for chatting with your friends or families but it is being used to connect with brands, etc.

digital marketing trends, 2019
Social Messaging Apps

According to research conducted by Business Insider, chat apps flaunts several different characteristics that make their audiences appealing to the businesses and marketers. The main advantage of chat apps is that they have higher retention and usage rates in comparison to other most mobile apps. Opportunities for monetization emerged from audience growth that uses messaging services daily.

You will get millions of monthly active users which helps in the growth in business. The building of successful strategies to monetize the services.


It doesn’t matter either you are interested in personalization tools or artificial intelligence, the most effective part is that you need to be updated and attentive towards the innovations in marketing which plays a significant role in your industry. In digital marketing trends, 2019 Social messaging apps are the most important.

Why MBA & BBA students need digital marketing skills?

According to a study published in Indian Express, “only 7% of MBA graduates are employable”. This is not to discourage any business graduate or post graduate. But the reality is unless you an MBA graduate from top B schools, there are high chances that you’ll end up getting a low salaried job. In this blog, we are going to discuss the 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.

That’s where you need to add an extra skill to sharpen your skill set. As far as digital marketing is concerned, it is much in demand because the industry is looking for digital marketing professionals.

Top 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing

Also, when your audience or the consumer is on the internet where would you advertise or market your product or services? Traditional marketing is taking a backseat while the companies are aggressively turning into this new platform i.e. digital media for marketing. Therefore, these business students must think of pursuing digital marketing training program. Here is the detailed justification of why.

1. Easy to learn

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Easy to learn

The best part about digital marketing course is that it is 100% non-technical course. Digital Marketing can be easily grasped and trained on. You just need to be internet savvy to pursue digital marketing course after MBA. This domain includes a lot of science, analytics, marketing knowledge, which I am sure an MBA can easily execute this methodology. So this is the reason to easy learn comes in 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.

2. Freelancing opportunities

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Freelancing opportunities

Digital Marketing can open up freelancing opportunities. You can work from home and can start taking up projects and earn a good amount by optimizing the websites or promoting products on social media. Also, you can start your blog and make money through advertisements. Also, you can end up starting your own business too. For example, you can start your digital marketing agency by providing digital marketing services to clients.

3. Boost up your CV

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Boost up your CV

Digital Marketing skills are very much in demand. Therefore, if you develop this skill set, you won’t only need internship experience to give weight to your CV. The course will speak for itself. Also, one of the pro for pursuing this course is that it provides a host of opportunities for you to kick start your career before you even set your foot in the industry. So this is the reason to boost up your cv comes in 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills

4. Certification is plus

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Certification is plus

Earning certification gives weight to your CV. When you receive professional certification, it demonstrates a certain knowledge and skill. This thing gives you an edge over others. Google too certifies you in their Adwords segment if you successfully complete their step by step online exams. Digital Marketing certification adds value to your CV as nowadays businesses need professionals that are certified in Digital Marketing skills.

5. High growth rate

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
High growth rate

The government of India has launched the Digital India, program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Now, the opportunities are not only available in metro cities but also in small towns. Indian Prime Minister announced that by 2020 on the digital space there would be more than 20 Lakhs available to students. Therefore, there is a great opportunity in this domain.

As the digital era is here, to stay connected with the smart consumer you need to go digital. As they are accomplishing multiple tasks on digital devices from shopping to searching to booking tickets and much more. To reach them marketers need to go digital. And when they go digital they certainly require digital marketing professionals who can help them work on it. This is the reason why digital marketing course after BBA/MBA is considered one of the best jobs oriented certification courses.

Wondering from where to pursue the best digital marketing course in Noida and Delhi NCR? Visit DigitalMantra for quality digital marketing training.


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How to get your Digital Marketing Internship?

Digital Marketing industry in India has a booming career today. In a country like India, which has a rapid growth economy, it is expected to have a very high significant growth in a digital marketing career. If you are planning to pursue a digital marketing course in Noida, then this is the right time to enroll in a particular course. Here we are going to discuss How to Get Your First Digital Marketing Internship in 2019?

  1. Naukri has 290569+ jobs on Digital Marketing
  2. Monster has 65000+ jobs on Digital Marketing
  3. Shine has 55000+ jobs on Digital Marketing
  4. Times Job has 57000+ jobs on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as a subject is very vast. Digital Marketing is one of the most in-demand skill set which people are opting for massively. It is estimated that more than 18, 00,000 digital marketing jobs will be present in the market by the end of 2020, that’s a great opportunity for the people with in-depth knowledge in this particular space. Now is the best time to grasp digital skill sets.

Tips to Get your First  Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing jobs are waiting!!! Ace up! Master the skill of digital marketing. There are various digital marketing institutes in every nook and cranny. But choosing the best digital marketing institute among all is a task.

Digital Marketing is a domain in which you need to gain practical exposure to get succeed and build a rewarding career. Hence, an internship or job is very crucial to gain relevant experience and brush up your skills. If you’re looking to get a digital marketing internship in 2019, there are things you can do, for free to make your application stand out.

1. Build a website of yourself

Get Your First Digital Marketing Internship in 2019
Build a website of yourself

One of the crucial aspect of the first thing in the interview which stands out is that you have something of your own or not i.e.; your website. For a digital marketing interview, the interviewer asks for either your LinkedIn or website URL. Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the applicants that are coming to the organization with the website they have built themselves. And this has a very positive impact in the mind of the recruiter.

Also, the truth is that with the tools, publishing platforms, and CMS, it is not too difficult for a newbie to build his/her own website.

2. Live your passion and never let it die

Get Your First Digital Marketing Internship in 2019
Live your passion and never let it die

The best part is making your passion in a portfolio with digital marketing. Working in this profile allows you to live your passion. For example, if you have a passion for books and you love reading, writing and reviewing about books. You can build a blog for yourself that will talk about different kind of books.

You can start off by a simple blog and later on, you can add analytics to it, implement social media strategies and SEO strategies and further look to expand. That is the kind of experience you can give yourself, simply by applying your digital marketing interest to your passion.

WordPress is a great resource for these types of sites – and again, it’s free. So pick your passion, and create a blog. Then, use some of the resources below to expand your digital empire!

3. Skills & certifications over the degree

Get Your First Digital Marketing Internship in 2019
Skills & certifications over the degree

An undergraduate degree in marketing, communication, and design is nice but most importantly not very much necessary in the digital marketing domain. Therefore, the degree is not 100% necessary but skills as well as certification is important and adds value or weight age to your CV. Also, interviewers look for those resumes which they feel are more into certifications, past experiences, and required skills.

Hence, in this domain, practical knowledge is very much essential to stand out and get an edge over others.

If you take our suggestion, we would request you to opt in for a digital marketing course in Noida. As this domain is booming and it is the most in-demand skill set one can grasp. There are various institutes offering digital marketing, one of these is DigitalMantra. The institute offers professional digital marketing training courses in Noida Delhi NCR to help you build a career or start your own business.

4. Networking is the key

Get Your First Digital Marketing Internship in 2019
Networking is the key

One of the crucial factors, while you are stepping into your professional life, is to build a strong professional link. These professional contacts will help you in some of the other stages in your professional life. To be honest, the initial review can often consist of less than a minute to review the resume. But on the other hand, a position recommended by someone that met an applicant at a networking event can do a lot to move the person forward.

One of the important parts of networking comes after networking itself and it is follow up. Don’t think that your task is over if you have given your resume to someone at an event. Instead, you need to make sure to take their contact information so that you can reach out afterward and build a great professional bond.

5. Ask for as many feedback’s as you can

One of the major thing that might not look that much crucial but eventually it is to ask for feedback. If by chance you are not selected or they didn’t hire you then the candidate must ask for feedback which will be helpful for life long. These feedback/suggestions can make you avoid those mistakes which you might have done at this interview.

Therefore, these are the 5 things you can do to make your application stand out from others which will help you get practical exposure through an internship that will ultimately lead you to build a rewarding career.


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Restart your career ladies with Digital Marketing

The scope of digital marketing in India is enormous. There are vast opportunities in this domain as it is the most booming sector in the industry. Also, women have been closing the gender gap when it comes to education. No wonder, there was also a time when women were barely limited to their day to day household activities or just taking care of babies.

Now, the role of women is more improvised with the help of education. Today women are more educated and capable of living independently. However, there is still a section of women in the society who even after completing the desired education are still stuck in the same routine of household work.

No wonder, it’s no wrong in being a housewife but you will find these housewives to be educated and using technology to stay updated all the time. Whether they are using Facebook to chat with friends, ordering food online, watching YouTube video etc. Therefore, these technology friendly ladies can gear up and use their tech addiction into big-time independent earning.

How Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a huge platform for job seeker and freelancers to earn a livelihood. This is a domain which is much in demand and has become a necessity for any business regardless of its size to do digital marketing.

Still muddled how digital marketing can be helpful for women to restart their career? Don’t worry this blog will help you understand this. Housewives can restart their career if they learn digital marketing and, earn independently.

Why housewives should opt for Digital Marketing?

1. In-demand profession

This field is very booming and various job opportunities. It is also considered as one of the Top 5 trending profession around the world with scientists, engineers, doctors, and teachers. In this era of digital, everything is depended on the internet, from ordering food online, booking air tickets, shopping to paying bills.

Every business is targeting its audience (online customers) on social media platforms or running advertisements on Google or Social media platforms to advertise their products/ services. For all this, businesses need skilled individuals in the field of digital marketing. And the best part of this field is that you can handle all the marketing tactics even through your home.

2. Easy to learn

Learning digital marketing is easy as compared to other professional studies. You can learn digital marketing through YouTube videos, blogs, and e-books. But it is always advisable to learn from an institute that offers digital marketing learning. It is a short term course which will help you in giving a deep understanding of the course. Also, investment in learning digital marketing is low. There are various institutes offering the course with different modules and course duration. Hence, the course available in the market ranging from approx. Rs. 15K to around 65K depending on various factors. Therefore, there is no harm in investing this amount to add the most trending skill set.

3. Freelancing Opportunity

As far as restarting the career is concerned of a woman, she would need some time for her family as well. Hence, learning digital marketing will boost the chances of having freelancing opportunities and earn a good amount simultaneously. The companies are in need of digital marketers who can help them with their internet marketing and this is the job profiles which do not require physical presence in the office i.e., you can work from home as well. Therefore, the companies are also looking for a freelancer who can sit at home and work at an affordable cost.

4. Fulfill your dream of being an entrepreneur

Sometimes, women do have a dream of starting their own and be independent. But, most of the times things don’t go plan due to many responsibilities. If you fall in this league, you can start living your dream by learning digital marketing.

For example: If you want to set up your online store and market your product/services in the best way possible or you can start off by writing too if it is your passion by starting your own blog.

5. No need to leave your home

As mentioned above you can work while sitting at your home. The best part of the industry is that you don’t need to work for 9 to 5 shift and leave your home daily and go to the office to satisfy your financial and career needs. All you need is on point digital marketing skills and the internet to perform all your core activities.


Digital Marketing is the booming industry. You don’t need a particular qualification; all you need is the knowledge of the internet and passion to live your dreams. And being a housewife of this era, digital marketing can provide a platform to explore and implement your choice and dreams at a whole new level.


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