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Top 5 Internet Marketing Jobs in 2019

In this era of digitalization, businesses are going digital and so do the job opportunities. After the inspection of Digital India, Internet marketing jobs are among the top jobs in India. Big companies or even startups are leaning towards the next generation of marketing. Time changes very drastically. The world we live in today is ‘Digital World’. And hence, it is evident that there are great career opportunities in this particular domain.

With such prominence and vast scope in this field, it is evident that readers are curious to know about the best-suited internet marketing jobs. Hence, we are here to guide you on the same. Therefore, just polish your skills as per the requirements of the given internet marketing jobs:

 Internet Marketing Manager

An Internet Marketing Manager must be a multitasker who must be responsible for creating and implementing online strategies to increase sales and ultimately revenue for the company. When you opt for this particular designation, you would be responsible for managing Digital marketing executives and specialists. Also, content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, and inbound marketing specialists will be reporting to you.

  • An Internet Marketing Manager must have around 5+ years of experience
  • Having various certifications in Internet marketing would carry a plus point in providing you expertise
  • The salary package of an Internet Marketing manager generally ranges from 15 to 20 lacs per annum and also depends on the experience, skills, certification and the reputation you hold in the industry.

 SEO Executive Manager

SEO Executive is the most important and popular job role in the digital marketing industry. The job of an SEO executive is to improve the website or to increase the number of visitors it receives. Also, he/she is responsible for optimizing the visibility of a website or even a webpage in the search engines organically.

  • Keyword research, user experience optimization, use webmaster tools and manage duplicate content and so on are the major skills that an SEO executive should possess
  • To ensure career growth, you should be familiar with SEO tools and also having apt certifications will boost your CV.
  • The average salary of an SEO executive is around 3.5 lac per annum but he/she must be proficient in getting free traffic via search engines.

Social Media Marketing Expert

As per an Octane Research 2016, 46% of customer engagement is ensured by social media updates. Hence, companies are in search of excellent social media experts. For a social media marketing expert, you need to have expertise in ensuring brand awareness, gaining website traffic and optimizing online presence via social media networks.

  • The average salary of a social media expert is about 3.25 lacs per annum but it depends on your expertize on paid and unpaid social media campaigns.
  • The major skill that a social media expert must possess is he/she should be creative, must have writing ability and should able to curate content.
  • To ensure growth, you need to be social media savvy and possess some certifications too.

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing manager’s role is to reach to the customers through email campaigns, informing them about the new products, services or the events. For being an email marketing manager you need to know your audience, get the emails delivered, add CTA’s and integrate social media.

The core task of an email marketing manager is responsible for creating engaging content for email campaigns, building email lists and testing the strategies which are working out and which are not.

  • An email marketing manager is responsible for planning, developing and ultimately implementing the company’s email marketing strategy.
  • Most important skills an email marketer should possess are he/she must be aware of best remarketing tools for identifying the behavior pattern of the prospect/customer.
  • The average salary of an email marketing manager lies between 4 to 8 LPA and it depends on the experience, expertise and the certifications.

Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager is considered very valuable and is responsible for channelizing the relevant content marketing campaigns on different digital channels. This is a very challenging role as it involves promoting your business through content. The content marketing manager must know how to attract and retain audience to create and engage leads for better returns.

  • A content marketing manager will probably report to the marketing manager or to the digital marketing manager.
  • A content marketing manager is responsible for managing the blogs, guest blogging, e-book publications, PR and inbound marketing.
  • Content marketing is the most popular home based internet marketing job. Hence, it is one of the most flexible jobs; if you search for a freelance job opportunity then this would be the perfect fit for you.
  • The average salary of a content marketing manager is between 10 to 15 LPA but for this, you need to have a rich experience of at least 4-5 years in content writing and marketing.

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  1. Naukri has 290569+ jobs on Digital Marketing
  2. Monster has 65000+ jobs on Digital Marketing
  3. Shine has 55000+ jobs on Digital Marketing
  4. Times Job has 57000+ jobs on Digital Marketing

Now is the best time to grasp digital skillsets. Digital Marketing jobs are waiting!!!

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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Automation tools

The number of social media platforms is increasing, business owners are finding it very hard to fully engage with their clients/customers. Thankfully, there is a wide array of tools in the market that you can use to automate social media marketing. Hence, this blog will throw light on the top 7 Social Media Marketing Automation tools.

Top 7 social media marketing automation tools

Social media has come a long way since its first ever social platform. Before 2005, Facebook and LinkedIn were all the mania. Later, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus and many others cropped up to meet the rising need of people to link.

Later, businesses realized the social networks can be used to hunt for leads, and then came social media advertising. In 2017, social media platforms remade their services with added new features, brand opportunities, and customer preferences.

1. BuzzSumo

A research tools with a search bar where you can look out for anything you want using a keyword or a phrase. You can filter the results obtained by geographical location, domain, duration, etc. This tool collects data from major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

This tool is capable of providing analytical data as well. Since knowing exactly what to post can be valuable for business. The tool is believed to be a little costly but if it is used wisely, there is nothing to lose. Buzzsumo is the most popular social media tool that’s the region they come in top 7 Social Media Marketing Automation tools.

2. Mention

Having a subscription with Mention means your brand will always know whenever your brand is mentioned in social media conversations. The information you get from this exceptional tool will help you perform competitor analysis, brand monitoring and many other things.

Mention connects you directly to the individuals discussing your brand. This will allow you to revert and reply right then and there with these high engagement levels, you can earn new leads and keep your sales on the top.

There have been tons of listening tools out there in the market, but ‘Mention’ is one of the best ones, as it has simplest of the interface with everything, happens from a single dashboard.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a remarkable and powerful social media automation tool that allows you to schedule a post in advance to be published on various social media platforms. This tool is very simple which provides social account holders with a single dashboard from where they can run all their accounts effortlessly.

The tool provides real-time updates of all the activities taking place on social sites like when your brand is mentioned and what exactly they have said. With this tool, you will be able to find, schedule, manage and report on social media content a lot faster even with a small team. Hootsuite is the most popular social media tool in Posting a Photos and Video that’s the region they come in top 7 Social Media Marketing Automation tools.

4. Buffer

If you deal with a lot of content and several social media handles, Buffer is the ultimate social media scheduler for you. This tool is helpful in scheduling social media posts. But the best part is you get enough analytic data to suggest the best time to post content.

The interface of the tool is very user-friendly and upgrades itself regularly to keep up the growing social media demands. Also, the pricing of the tool comes with various packages that the customers can use according to their needs. The best part is that the tool is available for windows and phone (iOS and Android) which is an advantage for those who are always on the go.

5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot can help you manage all your social media accounts under one roof. Many social media automation tools are available; this one comes at the top of the list as it supports over 200 accounts and also allows bulk postings.

Like other automation tools, this one too provides marketers with analytics so that they find out what’s working and what’s not. This tool is suitable for small business, professionals, enterprises, agencies, and teams. This tool is available on the web, on mobile, desktop as well as a browser extension. There’s a free trial period for those who want to test their services.

6. Sprout Social

If you are looking for a tool with tons of stunning features in it, you should try Sprout Social. You can use it to schedule posts, monitor competition, track keywords, discover your mentions check out and analyze the stats as well.

The tool is easy to use, affordable and can be used for small businesses, agencies as well for the enterprises. The best part is that this tool has a free trial period. Sprout social is the most popular social media tool in Animation Media that’s the region they come in top 7 Social Media Marketing Automation tools.

7. SocialFlow

This tool tracks conversation real-time and gathers insights. Based on these insights the tool helps you in determining the best time to publish in order to capture the attention of the audience. It shows you content that works, that is helpful to gather engagement and attract more interest in the posted content. Additionally, the analytics you get from this tool is based on past findings and thus quite accurate.

Are you ready to automate intelligently?

The sole reason for automating processes is to get rid of repetitive tasks and get some more time to invest in some real issues facing your business. Also, you need to spare time on social media to visit your social sites and engage with the audience to build a relationship.

But if you continuously rely on automation, then your followers will come to know you are using a robot or software and this could damage your online reputation. Hence, it is very much important to use automation intelligently.


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4 Must-Try Instagram Analytics Tools in 2019

No matter whichever platform you are using for marketing, tracking your metrics and analyzing your results are very crucial to achieve success. Not only it helps you in knowing where you are reaching, how to get a fix and get back on track.

Instagram has become the new social media sensation. It is a social media platform which is fueled with pictures and video which has given a new dimension to visual marketing. This platform has become one of the best to narrate the brand story visually and encourage the consumers to generate and share the real-time activities in the form of pictures and short videos which can be good engagement techniques for a brand.

Using Instagram for marketing purpose has become very popular and is rapidly growing with over 70% of the companies using this platform in 2017. It is important that you use this platform for your business, but once you start, it can be difficult to detect whether you’re truly successful. Without having a clear picture of the right metrics, you’ll never know if you could be doing more to engage your audience or grow your following.

Ways by which brand’s use this platform- Instagram for Marketing

There are various ways for how marketers can use Instagram for marketing. Some of the ways are listed below:

  • Running contests, giveaways to increase engagements among the followers
  • Encourage people to post pictures using the brand’s hashtags
  • Conducting influencing activities through the platform

It is important to keep track of your activities for the key to success. We have curated some of the best Instagram analytics tools to keep track of your progress.

Best Instagram Analytics Tools

1. Instagram Insight

If you own a business account on Instagram, you automatically have access to their free analytics tool, Instagram Insight. This tool gives you insights on basic stats about your posts, profile views, and conversions. The best part is that you get data on Instagram stories as well, including reach, website clicks and more.

The tools give deep-dive information about your audience, like their location, gender, most active time of the day, etc. Additionally, you can notice and then compare your organic post with the promoted post to figure out what is working best for the brand. But unfortunately, there is no desktop version within this app. This tool provides a good basic overview of your analytics for both individual posts and account as a whole.

2. Simply Measured

It is a free tool which offers deep-dive stats about engagement. The tool shows you total engagement, and how that engagement measures up to the past posts. There is a scorecard you get through this tool which highlights your Instagram performance for any given time period.

3. Socialbakers

This must be not the most appealing tool as compared to others in the list. But the tool offers critical information, including your most liked and most commented on the post. Additionally, the tool also generates Instagram Report, which compares your own Instagram account with your competitor which can help you fall in the industry and see what you can do to improve.

4. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is the one-stop solution for those systematic marketers, who are keen to track the performance of their Instagram business profiles on monthly, daily or even hourly bases. Additionally, this tool offers insight into your follower’s interest. And you can also know what is the best time to post, depending on when are the followers most likely on the app.

I would like to recommend, any business to at least try to use a free Instagram analytics tool to assess the performance of your Instagram business page and bring actionable changes accordingly for your business.


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Top 10 free photo editor tools

Are you hunting free photo editor tools but hesitant to sink hundreds or thousands of dollars into a super expensive tool that may be difficult to use in your unpracticed hands? Hence, there are various free photo editing tools available. Free photo editor tools can turn your normal photos to amazing one but there are so many tools which can be confusing to use and hard to know which is the best for you.

Great content without any images would be of no use. Probably you won’t get enough likes, share, buzz or any viral promotion. Photo editing is vital to marketing content creation. Therefore, let’s look at the tools you can use and figure out whether they are worth it or not.

Top 10 free photo editor tools in 2019

1. Photoscape – Advanced tools & simple mastery

It is a free photo editing tool that you need to download to your computer. The tool has some unique features with a minimalistic user interface so that you won’t mess up with a lot of toolbars and all. In this software, you can easily find whatever it takes to edit a photo. You can edit using the available features like batch editing, crop, create a gif, make college, RAW images editing, screen capturing, etc.

2. Canva

Canva is considered one of the best and most favorite tools for photo editor available in the market. The tool has some of the most incredible, diverse features and beautiful templates out there. The best part of this tool is almost everything on it is free to use except for a few advanced and premium templates and icons.

3. Picasa

Picasa is one of the most trusted free photo editor tools which allow the desktop and laptop users to edit, share, print, find and organize the photo easily. It is a tool to organize and view photographs in a simpler way other than as a typical photo editor. This photo editor supports PSD, GIF, JPEG, BMP and movie files. Picasa is always believed to be the most trusted software as Picasa comes from Google- which is the name you have trusted all your life.

4. Pixlr – the editor of choice for eCommerce

Pixlr is a very popular photo editing software that has both the mobile app and a web app. It is a very reliable tool, and if we compare this tool with Photoshop, Pixlr is best known for its easy installation and simple user interface. There are some of the interesting features which include a sponge tool, brush tool, red-eye correction, and many more. You can also go for the Pro version for upgraded features.

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is Google’s own photo editor which is another best free photo editor tool. There’s a mobile app available for Android or iOS devices. This tool strikes a good balance between amateur and professional photo editing. This software makes the photo better with its awesome features.

6. Snappa

With this tool, it’s quick and easy to create your own graphics for a blog post, social media post, and ads. This particular tool provides access to more than half a million free stock photos, 70,000+ vectors, and 200+ fonts. Snappa will help you to transform your images by adding new dimensions and effects with ease. And the features of this tool include drag and drop photo editing, image dimension templates, stock photos, etc.

7. Fotor – less comprehensive but easier to use

Fotor is a famous cloud-based photo editing software. This tool allows basic editing with over 100 filters to choose from. The best part about this software is that it allows you to save the incomplete design for future editing. Hence, you can start from where you have left the work. Some of the features include HDR effects, filters, and image touch-ups, etc.

8. PicMonkey

PickMonkey is a widely used photo editing software which is known for its simple user interface. This tool is a complete package which allows you to edit photos, make collages, and touch up, crop and more. It will help you develop your design skills and bring out creativity to edit the images. The feature of this tool includes some basic filters, collage effects, and templates, etc.

9. GIMP – the overall best

GIMP is the most powerful free photo editor tool which packed with the kind of image-enhancing tools you would find in your premium software. GIMP’s interface would be familiar to you if you have ever used Photoshop or other premium editing software. This software comes with multiple features which will help you in retouching photos, photo composition, picture enhancement and much more.

10. Inkscape

Inkscape is another free photo editor software with advanced features of photo editing. You can download this software on Windows or Mac. It is designed to give you complete control over your images. Also, it offers to clone, copy/paste styles and multiple texts along with basic editing tools. The tool has a dozen features available like color picker, multiple text formats, available extensions, and add-ons.


Content marketing must be visual as it attracts to eyes. You can’t only stick to a bunch of text on the page and expect your audience to engage well and read every word. No, it’s not going to happen. Visual content like images and videos are a great way to grab the attention of the users and send the message across. Hence, thankfully for us, there are tons of free tools online that have templates and various designs which can be utilized for the same.

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Top 5 free stock images sites

Maybe you’re an aspiring photographer looking for inspiration. Perhaps an entrepreneur trying to find free stock images to add to your website. Also, photography is an integral part of making any blog or website looks the best.  Whatever your profession is, it’s never a bad idea to have some stock photography website for your aid. Here we are going to discuss the top 5 free stock images sites.

That’s the reason why we have compiled a list of top 5 free stock images sites online to ensure that you have immediate access to millions of free stock images instantly. In recent years there have been a growing number of finest quality stock photography sites, and the best part is they are all free.

Top 5 free stock images sites

1. Unsplash

Top 5 free stock images sites

Unsplash has become one of the best stocks sites for free digital photos. It is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography under the unsplash license. Users have the freedom to modify, copy, distribute and use all photos without attribution or permission.

This site is a side-project started by Crew, an online marketing agency dedicated to making your design dreams into reality. Also, the website has a huge library of over 3, 00,000 images, with new hand-picked photos being uploaded every day.

2. Pexels

Top 5 free stock images sites

The photos in Pexel are carefully handpicked from a variety of free image source to ensure that they are getting the best of the best. Pexel believes in helping the designers, writers, programmers, and the artist around the world to get access to a variety of beautiful photos while creating amazing products.

The best part of this site is that it provides high quality and completely free stocks licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. With over 40,000 free digital photos that are individually tagged and easily discoverable through the search bar. The Pexels Site is the best stock photo sites for photographers.

3. Pixabay

Top 5 free stock images sites

The Pixabay is the best free stock photo sites which have probably the largest image library. They have a ton of quality photos, vectors, and illustrations that are all under the CC0 license. The search bar even has a filter that lets you refine your search which is quite helpful as there are over 780k+ images to choose from. Also, the site is very clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate.


4. Life of Pix

Top 5 free stock images sites
Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a resource created by Leeroy creative agency offering free high- resolution photos with no copyright issues. All the images are donated to a public domain and are available for personal and commercial both the uses. Life of Pix is very high-resolution images free download site

You can spice up your dull blog by using the photos from this site. Life of Pix also has a counterpart, Life of Vids. You can get video content like free footage videos, clips, and loops. Also, the video content contains no copyright restrictions and can be easily downloaded on its Vimeo account.

5. StockSnap

Top 5 free stock images sites

StockSnap has a wide range of beautiful free stock photos, that too high-resolution image. This site is very handy as it has a search feature making it very easy to browse through the thousands of images available.

The motive of the creation of this site was to solve the frustration of finding the right image for your project. Hence, the most interesting part is that it provides many more categories than most free sites offer and add new authentic images on a weekly basis.

As you can see the options for free stock images site are limitless. By using any of the top 5 best free stock image sites, you will find countless awesome images for your project.


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The two most crucial factors for a successful website

A website is very necessary even if you have a small business. Now we won’t go in there but the blog will speak about what you need for a successful website. For a website to be successful it needs work and it starts with website design and continues all the way through SEO, online marketing, web security and much more. Here we are going to discuss The two most crucial factors for a successful website.

There are numerous crucial factors for a successful website but in this blog, we will throw light on the two most crucial factors which are Search engine optimization and Internet Marketing.

The two most crucial factors for a successful website

Firstly, let’s talk about SEO. It is one of the essential parts of Digital Marketing. Search engine optimization involves a lot of techniques in it that assure the success of it but it should never be ignored.

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. Anyone wants your website to rank well and get traffic. Hence, SEO is the most crucial factor for any website to be successful. When we develop a website, we hope it gets indexed on different search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, etc.

There are various techniques in SEO through which a website is indexed on the search engine. This is the most crucial factors for a successful website.

Today’s SEO is not only about keywords, Meta descriptions, etc. The most essential part of SEO is content and building fruitful links. There is important information about SEO, let’s discuss that, which is the type of SEO. There are various types of SEO which people are performing in their task and promoting their website.

First is Black Hat SEO, which is prohibited to perform as it is considered an illegal technique. Second is White Hat SEO, which is performed by most of the people. This is a technique which gives genuine results; also the promotion techniques involved in it are very impactful. But the results are achieved very slowly.

The final technique is Grey Hat SEO, this technique is considered the best among the all by SEO professionals. This technique is a mix of Black Hat and White Hat SEO. Hence, it guarantees the best results when implemented properly.

Elements of SEO

If you talk about the elements of SEO, there are two types of elements of SEO listed below:

a) Off-Page SEO

Many people associate Off Page SEO with link building but it’s not only that. It is the technique that can be used to improve the position of the website in the search engine result pages. This the most crucial factors for a successful website

It is related to working for the outside of web pages and website for increasing the ranking on the search engine, which involves methods like article submissions, directory submissions, backlinks, blog posting, blog commenting, press release, forum postings, and social networking. All these techniques and methods are used to build the links for the website, which ultimately helps the SEO performers.

b) On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is related to the activities that are performed by the users on the website. The elements that help them in this process include optimization of the website content, text, meta text, heading tags, anchor tags, link title, alt tags, domain name, etc. All the on-page activities are related to coding which is performed on the website.

These are the two elements of SEO which helps in improving the traffic of a website. Using these techniques gives you good results but never forget the importance of content and keywords as they also play an important role in the complete SEO process. The On page is the most crucial factors for a successful website

2. Internet Marketing

It is the process of promoting the business or brand over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales. This process is also known as online marketing, web marketing, e-marketing. Due to the vast usage of internet is increasing on a daily basis which eventually leads to a rise in internet marketing.

Types of Internet Marketing

If you talk about the types of internet marketing, there are various types; some of them are Display Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

Hence, these are important information for the one who is just stepping into the digital marketing world or to the people are thinking of generating traffic to their website.


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Tips to write an incredible About Me page of a blog

Many of us might be wondering which the most important page on your blog is. One of the most visited page or the page in which the readers are quite curious about reading it. It is the About Me page of a blog. Yes, for many it must be surprising, but it is true. Do you know why? Here’s the answer to your valid question.

When someone lands on your blog, he/she will feel, is this the right blog for me? Whenever a reader comes to your blog he/she will feel that if the blog is worth the time reading or is it of his/her interest in reading. And they’ll definitely look for the ‘About Page’.

Tips to write an incredible About Me page For a Blog

The about page will tell the readers about you, who you are, what are your interests, what you blog is all about and what exactly it does to the readers. The ‘About Me’ page for a blog can be considered as the foundation of your blog. It helps you build a relationship with your readers because people want to connect with real people. Readers want to know your experiences and expertise. The ‘About Me’ page for a blog builds trust in the minds of the readers.

But if the ‘About Me’ page is not written, then people won’t find more about you or your blog. And you don’t want that to happen. Hence, it is crucial writing ‘About Page’ first. Now let’s address the other question, how to write ‘about page’? Here are some of the tips which will help you to write effective ‘about page’.

1. Always write in the first person

If your blog is personal (and not a business blog), always write in the first person. So keep your about page personal and avoid writing in the third person as if someone else is writing/telling about you. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

2. Don’t write too much fancy

Be natural with your writing style, the way you speak, it must be in a conventional tone as if you are introducing yourself to someone else. This will make a close bond, a link and a connection with your readers which will help you in better engagement.

3. Tell them about yourself

Telling the users about you is very crucial. Who you are? Why are you blogging? What is the purpose of your blogging? The problem you are solving? What experience do you have? The readers are curious to know about all. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

4. Tell them about the blog

What is the blog all about? Also, what problem is it solving? What is the purpose of the blog is serving? How will it help the readers? Etc. Mention all of these. Always remember your blog is all about how it will benefit your readers. So keep the focus on it.

5. Ask them to subscribe

When people have read about you. And now that they know the reason about their blog, and how the blog can help them. It is the time where you can pitch them to subscribe to your blog and newsletter. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

These are the tips that you must always consider while writing an ‘about page’ for your blog. But still it is not complete; you need to revise it at regular intervals. Also, when you have written a bunch of blog posts, you can list the latest ones in the about page. If you have testimonials to showcase you can include that too. You can update accordingly with the experience you have gained since you started your journey of blogging.


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Top 5 Content Marketing tools you need to be aware of

It has been rightly stated that ‘content is the king’. Therefore, marketers understand the importance of it. Creating a content marketing strategy is the ultimate weapon for any business success. Useful content should be at the core of your marketing. Here we are going to discuss the top Top 5 Content Marketing tools

Content Marketing is a part of marketing that involves creating and sharing valuable, unique and consistent content not explicitly to promote a brand but to attract a defined audience. Social media is considered an integral part of content marketing.

Top 5 Content Marketing tools

There are various reasons why content marketing is good and is used by the organizations but majorly there are three key reasons listed below:

  • Increase in sales
  • Cost-effective
  • More loyal customers

There are countless content marketing tools to make things easier and to improve your productivity. Some of the top 5  content marketing tools are listed below:


This is one of the most used tools among the others as it is very user-friendly. Whether you are an English Scholar or Grammar Nazi, there are times when you need to reconfirm that the piece of content is correct or not.

With the help of this content marketing tool which is free, you can point out any minor of minor grammatical mistakes. Along with spotting the mistakes, the tool helps you with giving context relevant suggestions and replacements with variables. If you need other opinions like active passive writings, you need to purchase the paid version. Otherwise, the free version is apt for checking your writings.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Being a content creator, one should be aware of the importance of the content’s headline. One must use the appropriate headline if you have made a high-quality content, but you don’t you apt headline, then the piece of content would be totally a waste.

By using this headline analyzer, you can peruse the effectiveness of headlines to create the best headline for the content. This tool scores your headline based on the overall word balance, length, keywords and sentiments, which can help you choose what headline can be best for a particular piece of content.


Canva is the best content marketing tool to create hassle-free creative designs. This tool is free, easy and safe for non-graphic designers who don’t know how to use Photoshop and other designing tools. Designing software is complicated and sometimes it takes really long like weeks/months to learn its usage.

By utilizing Canva, you can make beautiful creative designs like posters, flyers, presentations, Facebook post, and blog banners, the, etc. (all kind of online creative) by its easiest drag and drop feature. The Canva is the most popular and free tool in google that the region they come in Top 5 Content Marketing tools

Google Keyword Tool

Creating content without using appropriate keywords is simply useless. Generating content for marketing strategies is incomplete without fitting keywords in it. Using this tool will help you able to research appropriate keywords for your content strategies and you can use them in content’s headline and body accordingly.

Make the best use of this free content marketing keyword tool to create content marketing strategies by using the information which shows the approximation of the search traffic certain keywords that the users are currently using. The Google Keyword tool is the most popular and free tool in google that the region they come in Top 5 Content Marketing tools


Buzzsumo is considered as the most effective content marketing tool that can majorly help content marketers in many ways. This tool analyzes which content performs best for any topic or competitor and find key influencers to promote the content.

This tool is very easy to use and take only a little time to complete a search and better understand what it takes to compete with top social media and search engine performers.

According to us, these are the best content marketing tools that will help you create the best of marketing strategies and distribute valuable content to the potential audience. There are numerous tools available in the market. Hence, you can choose any of them according to your business need. Just remember that it should solve your purpose.


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Personal branding at Job Interviews

One of the most challenging parts of job interviews is to get noticed by the employer. If you are selected for the interview means you are being considered by the organization and would like you to investigate further. Also, you are going against other candidates. How can you differentiate yourself from others? Here we are going to discuss the Personal branding at Job Interviews.

Creating a strong personal brand helps a lot in the interview. You are not the only one going for that particular interview. There is cut-throat competition in each field these days. For the same position, there must be at least 5-6 candidates doing a f2f interview. How do you take an edge over these candidates? The only option left is to personal brand so that you don’t fail to impress the employer.

Tips to Personal branding at Job Interviews

1. Have a decent looking professional photo on all your social profiles

This is the most left out point but one of the most crucial among them all. Having a decent looking display picture helps a lot in personal branding. It somehow shows or the employer perceives that the person takes life seriously and is very professional. This communicates that the person is ready to make a special effort to achieve to become professional and step into the corporate world.

You can leave out Facebook and Instagram because they are your personal social networks. But you should definitely upload this professional picture in LinkedIn, Twitter and most importantly on your working email id. Also, you can put the same photo in your resume. Keep the photo consistent so that it is easy for people to recall you as a brand.

2. Have a custom domain email id

Want to set yourself apart from others? Here’s what you can do to achieve it. Most of the people apply in a company for an interview with Gmail ids, almost 90% of them. You can separate yourself and set an impact in the mind of the employer if you apply with The idea is to just be better from others.

By doing the above two options, having a professional picture and custom domain email id will make you the most preferred choice among the people who have applied, and that’s all you need to do to create a positive impact in the mind of the employer. This is the best tips to Increase Personal Branding at job Interview.

3. Always preferred to have a blog

This is considered as one of the most powerful forms of personal branding, as anyone who can write can’t be neglected. Writing is not easy. It takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and expertise to sit and write about something. Most of the companies give assignments to the candidates before hiring them. These assignments can be in the form of report, analysis, blog or an article. But having a blog beforehand is an added advantage.

Most of the jobs that people get are because of their blog. The kind of articles that are published gives an insight to the employer about the subject matter expertise. The idea works as it changes the perception of the employer in positive terms. This is the best tips to Increase Personal Branding at job Interview.

4. Try to become a published author

If you become a published author, that’s the ultimate personal branding method one can do. This method is double mighty as compared to the blog. You can take the hardbound book to the interview or gift it to your potential employer. No one can resist taking that. Even if you are not hired or you rejected the offer for any xyz reasons, no one will throw the book.

It is expected that it will remain with them for a long time. This can be free retargeting for you. Your name will be in the physical space and they will keep looking at it or anyone who visits them will have a look at it.

If you follow these 4 pointers, you will ace any job interview with confidence. You just need to market yourself. Every employer is looking for indicators that define your intelligence and smartness. All the above branding method will help you communicate yourself better in terms of intelligence in front of the potential employer.


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The art of writing a Digital Marketing resume

Since we all know that digital marketers are very good at marketing the products and services digitally but ironically they are not good at selling themselves. It is quite hard to believe but it is the truth. But on the other hand, it is not that difficult to market yourself. Here we are going to discuss The art of writing a Digital Marketing resume.

 5 Tips to Write a  Digital Marketing resume

Every digital marketer must have the ability to sell themselves effectively. Writing the perfect digital marketing resume can be worrying, tricky and sometimes frustrating as well. It is never to too late that you realize that you lack the capability to write an apt resume to present your skills.

Also, according to the research made by Forbes, 2012 recruiters only spend 6.25 seconds looking at your resume. Hence, each digital marketer needs to keep this motto that ‘I will market myself like I market a business’. There are some of the points that will make you write a resume that will take to you to your dream job.

1. Sell yourself like a Product/Service

The first and the foremost thing to write perfect resumes are to sell you as a product. Why not? IF you are good at selling products, then why not sell yourself as a product. All the marketing experience if you apply in marketing yourself through your resume, then this is the most impressive thing you can do to get your dream job.

Pro tip: Invest time in crafting a statement that sets you apart from others.

2. Highlight your unique value propositions

Just like brands have unique selling points and value propositions. Being a digital marketer it is crucial to possess unique characteristics that can make you stand out from the crowd. To create an impactful and effective resume for digital marketers, you need to list down your unique skills. Highlight your unique value propositions is the most important tips to create a Digital Marketing resume.

Pro tip: Highlight the skills you master in and also align it with the job you are applying it for.

3. Identify your messaging strategy

Like a brand customize the message based on its audience, marketing channels, and demographics. Similarly, you need to build your own messaging strategy before writing a resume. You should think on a layout, structure and keyword placement. The best technique for digital marketers is to strike the chord of the recruiter by including your achievements that might interest the recruiter.

Pro tip: All the factors should be carefully thought of before you write your resume. Make sure you are writing it to stand out in the mind of the recruiter.

4. Short, crisp and organized works

Did you know the HR/recruiter doesn’t have that much time to dedicate to each resume? It is just a fraction of seconds. Therefore, it is important to cut down your resume to just a single page. But that doesn’t mean that you need to mention everything in that single page only and give it an unstructured look. Formatting is very crucial. Format your resume in a way that it looks clear, presentable and readable. Make sure that your resume is free from grammatical errors.

Pro tip: Make sure that the first impression is the last impression.

5. Focus on benefits, Not on features

The best way to present yourself is to picture your benefits to the organization. Your resume should show that you have done this before and can do it effortlessly as you possess these capabilities to benefit the organization.  Organizations are interested in hiring those candidates who can benefit them in one way or another. Focus on benefits, Not on features is the most important tips to create a Digital Marketing resume.

Pro tip: Remember to picture yourself as valuable for the organization.

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