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5 Skills a Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed

Digital Marketing as a domain is very dynamic in nature. Working on the digital marketing landscape is like always being on your toes. There have always been new tools, platforms, and trends in this particular industry. As a result of these frequent changes, digital marketer’s need a particular skill set that is not only unique, adaptable but also relevant. Here we are going to discuss the 5 Skills a Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed

Being a digital marketer is tough as he/she needs to understand the new web paradigms and how they interact. It is also about how the social and digital channels operate and interact with each other.

5 Skills a Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed

There are some of the top 5 Skills a Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed who are learning Digital Marketing these skills are required for them so that they can contribute right away by joining in a digital marketing team. Some of the skills that are required for Digital Marketers for their success are as follows:

1. Writing & copywriting

The first thing any digital marketing student must be learning is how to write clearly and persuasively. Clear communication is required for any digital expert to explain the ideas, tricks, and concepts to the other team members. If a person has trouble writing, he/she will have trouble expressing or communicating it and getting things done.

Writing skills is important for writing any blog post or website content and it is required for any digital marketer to write anytime. Also, it is crucial to pick up copywriting skills for any digital marketing person.

Hence, these copywriting skills will help you to write persuasively and how to get people to take action you want them to take. Writing & copywriting  is the most important to learn in digital marketing and that’s the region they come in  top 5 Skills a Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed

2. WordPress

For a digital marketer, it is quite essential to list one of the best skills in your CV. Still, there are people who list Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in this resume. But putting skills that stand out would be more beneficial. Also, WordPress is the new Microsoft Word when it comes to relevant skills for digital marketers. This is the most important Skills a Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed.

3. Photo Editing

A marketer must know basic photo editing skills. In addition to being able to write well and being able to upload those writing in WordPress, it is cherry on the cake to have basic photo editing skills. The marketers must learn little Photoshop as it is not just a tool for designers but can be taught to the students learning digital marketing as these are the extra skills in which digital marketers need to be proficient at.

4. MailChimp

Most of the businesses are using email management software whether it is MailChimp, Aweber or InfusionSoft. Everyone in marketing is building and managing an email list through a third party software platform. Hence, it is crucial for anyone into digital marketing aspirant to know more about these services.

5. Google AdWords

AdWords is easy to reach customers and to drive the targeted traffic. It is also considered as the most reliable way to drive traffic, generate leads and sales. This skill of knowing Adwords makes you prepared on how to manage a campaign if needed or how to direct someone to manage it. Google AdWords is the most important to learn in digital marketing and that’s the region they come in  top 5 Skills a Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed

In the end, it is not important for the digital marketer to be an expert in all these topics. But is it important to have a general understanding of the same to boost their skills as well as their value in the industry?


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Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

Any advertising can fall into two categories- Push or Pull. Most organizations are very much confused which marketing strategy to follow among these two. Over the decades, there have been debates going on the advantages and disadvantages of these two marketing strategies ie, Push Vs  Pull Marketing. Here we are going to discuss the Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

Push marketing is used in more traditional approaches. On the other hand, pull marketing is associated with new internet marketing strategies. Organizations must choose which strategies will be most effective as they develop sincere marketing plans.

 What is Push Marketing

Push Marketing is a form of advertising that sends a communication to the users. It is called general advertising or direct response marketing. In push marketing, the idea is to promote products by pushing them onto people. Traditional marketing is the synonyms of Push marketing. Direct mail, Email, free coupons, print, and broadcast are examples of this type of marketing.

The greatest advantage of this type of advertising is that it gives out instant results. In this type of marketing, there is less concern about branding and more about the instant and more about creating instant demand for a new product.

 What is Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is to get the customers to come to you. Hence, the term pull is being used, wherein the marketers are attempting to pull customers in.  Today’s customers know what they are looking for and they look for the benefits themselves. Pull marketing is used when branding is of great importance. This type of marketing creates brand loyalty and keeps the customers coming back, whereas push marketing is most of the time concerned with short-term sales.

Push and Pull marketing differ in concept as well as in application. There is various Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing, some of them are listed below:

1. Concept

Push Marketing– It is also known as outbound marketing, as this type of marketing pushes out prospects and customers.

Pull Marketing– This type of marketing is also known as inbound marketing, which means the marketing efforts cause a prospect to find you when they have only interest. This is a very important Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

2. Marketing Strategy

Push Marketing– A push strategy is all about placing your product or service you offer in front of your prospects eye. This approach usually involves some type of paid advertising.

Pull Marketing– Pull strategy makes it easier for the researcher to find you. The major focus lies in generating awareness, increasing brand visibility and generating the lead through online content or major the content from your own website. This is the most valuable Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

3. Channels

Push Marketing– Push Marketing is done by direct mail or by email. It is done to promote your product or services onto the customers with a motive for instant sales.

Pull Marketing– Pull marketing is a web-based method. The online content you create is designed to take the responders to place an inbound call.

4. Engagement

Push Marketing– This type of marketing works well if done correctly. Direct Mail to the customers is a perfect example if you have relevant customer data. This makes customers feel very special. Thus, increasing the chances of them taking the action sooner than later.

Pull Marketing- Pull marketing has a high level of engagement as the prospect shows interest without attracting them or anything. In this type of marketing, the prospects get attracted to your product/service without you as a company promoting it. Engagement is the most advantageous point task in every company and this is the Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing for Engagement

What to choose? Push or Pull Marketing?

This is a question which always arises. But successful marketers rely on the strength of each approach and often use them both. There is a need for using both the strategy. A mix of push marketing and pull marketing works best.

As a marketer, the first priority is always to make your prospect aware of your brand existence. If your company is newly established and has minimal visibility then it’s the duty to inform the world about it. Hence, in this case, a push strategy is opted by the marketer. After that, once the brand is visible and familiar than the inbound or pulls marketing really shines.


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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

It has always been a debate between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Although they have their own pros and cons, it is still tough to choose one. Marketing is an imperative part of any business which cannot be ignored. Here we are going to discuss the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

A good entrepreneur should separately allocate a budget for marketing efforts alone. In today’s era where a large portion of people are switching into plastic money and make online transactions, few are those who still don’t know how to use the internet or don’t have the access to use it. This makes highly difficult for any marketer to decide which type of marketing they should go for.

The debate continues as of whether digital marketing is overpowering and surpassing traditional marketing or not. Many think that for most of the part, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing and traditional marketing barely exist.

Difference Between traditional marketing and digital marketing

The use of print ads on newspapers, magazines, and flyers are examples of traditional marketing, followed by commercials on television, radio, and billboards. Whereas, if a company invests on building a website and advertise on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This kind of strategy is called digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is considered as the conventional method of marketing that has been used ever since the concept of advertising and marketing came into existence. This type of marketing involves various types of promotional activities like print ads in newspaper, magazines, and flyers, etc. But there are various other advertisements like commercials on TV, radio and all.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products and services via electronic mediums. The world of digital marketing continues to evolve with the advancement in technology, this industry is a boom.  Any business regardless of size can leverage digital marketing to reach out to their target market, connect with their potential prospect and later convert them into their clients/customers.

Everything from SEO to Facebook Marketing comes under digital marketing. And we offer an array of digital marketing modules here at DigitalMantra. We are an institute offering advanced professional digital marketing classroom training to students, working professional and entrepreneurs.

The reason why digital marketing is very crucial for any business because the internet is the most used tool in this era. People are very internet savvy and more and more people are adopting new technology rapidly. People are logging into the web to carry out their day to day activities like purchasing food online, shopping online and much more. So this is the very big difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

If you have noticed in the past decade, you’ll see that digital marketing has grown exponentially. So when it comes to digital marketing versus traditional marketing, it shows that digital marketing has taken over the edge.

Successful marketing requires any organization to connect with their prospect in the best possible way

Since a large majority of people are spending time on the internet; it makes sense, you as a business to connect to them digitally. This is some difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing vs traditional marketing statistics

What do the stats say?

Keeping the current growth of digital marketing in mind, particularly after our Prime Minister emphasizing on ‘Digital India’. It won’t be long before digital ad spends takes over traditional advertising like television ads. Even the brands have shifted their efforts towards digital marketing.

Here are some of the stats that will help you define the prominence of digital marketing over traditional marketing:

  • More than 80% of buyers research online before investing in any product or service.
  • Almost half the adults of this country use Facebook on a regular basis.
  • According to a survey report, there will be around 8 lacs jobs created in this particular domain.
  • India has seen 20 x growths in search queries in the last 5 years.
  • 90% of B2B marketers are actively using LinkedIn for marketing and getting effective results
  • 90% of B2C businesses say that social media is one of the best and most effective content marketing tactics.

Regardless of any business, you are into and no matter whatever is the size of the business, you can’t deny the importance of digital marketing and need to take it into consideration. Or else your business will lose out to competition taking advantage of the latest digital marketing techniques. This all is some stats that say the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Is it is realistic to create a balance between both?

The world has transitioned into a digital environment. For example, as we perform many of our daily tasks such as banking online or shopping is done online for better discounts and cash backs. Because of the rise in the digital age, it seems a good option to invest in digital campaigns. Even though traditional marketing has its own importance but it is diminishing in the digital world.

For today’s businesses, it is indispensable for any company to own a website and use the web as a means to interact with the customers. Also, traditional marketing works well when you need to reach to a largely local audience but it is important to take digital marketing seriously to keep up in today’s world.

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Best ways to turn email subscribers to social fans

More followers for the company’s social sites look great. Have you tried building your social following through the email list? This is the best way to gain followers for your company’s social site. Email subscribers are already engaged with your brand. Hence, it is the best way to engage your loyal fans with your brand. Here we are going to discuss the Best ways to turn email subscribers into social fans

Best ways to turn email subscribers into social fans

Nothing is certain in the world of social media. It is considered as the best platform to build a brand and it is much needed to utilize the platform for gaining followers and subscribers. Here are some of the best ways to convert your email subscribers into your social followers:

1. Include social links to Introduction emails

After a user has become your subscriber and has opted in to receive your messages. Here is the time you make them more engaged in your brand by encouraging them to follow you on social media. That way you can stay connected with your customer over a long period of time. Include social links to Introduction emails is the Best ways to turn email subscribers into social fans.

2. Add social links to confirmation pages

Once people are signing up for your emails they are most likely to become social fans of your brand. Hence, the best option is to pitch to follow the social handles during the subscription process. When the visitors choose to receive information from your brand via email, then send them a customized email subscription confirmation page that should include social links.

3. Include CTA, everywhere you can

Social media should be fun. So it is important to be creative in your emails too. Hence, if you add your social link in the email with a call to action button to like or follow us on our social networks. Also, for extra engagements, you can also add special deals, discounts or updates by liking our social page.

There can be numerous things you can do to encourage your website visitors and email subscribers to like your social pages and engage with them on a regular basis. With all these tactics, there can be a better chance to gain many social subscribers. Some of these tactics will perform outstanding, maybe others won’t.

Therefore, keep a track of which tactic is performing at par and which is not. In the end, try different things and run campaigns to keep your social media site in the mind of the visitors.


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Remarketing: All you need to know why it is extremely important for you

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing tactic or action taken by the company to reintroduce a product or service to marketing response to declining sales. The cleverest marketing tactic to connect with the visitors of your website who have not made an immediate purchase. Remarketing gives you a chance to reach out to your customers who have previously visited your website. This process gives you another chance to convert them into sales.

This strategy is considered to be the most cost-effective strategy to increase your sales conversions because you are reaching out to the people who have already expressed interest in your product or service by adding it to the cart or adding it to wishlist but not making it a final purchase. Therefore, these are the people who can be retargeted for increasing your conversions.

How does it work?

For example, a visitor is looking for cosmetics may go to to browse different products available. However, many visitors leave without completing a purchase process. Knowing those visitors are potential customers, can tag these visitors as ‘site visitors’.

This will ultimately allow to deliver advertisements to the tagged ‘site visitors’. There is an option of segmenting the visitors into groups based on the pages they visited to show them highly relevant ads. Hence, resulting in increased repeated visits to your website.

Types of remarketing

There are different kinds of remarketing strategies you can use to remarket:

1. Site Remarketing

This type of remarketing is very commonly used and popular as it is just a matter of displaying ad to users on others website after they visited your site and not made a purchase.

2. Search Remarketing

This type of remarketing is targeting people based on their search keyword. If they use queries that relate to your industry, then showing them your company ads makes sense.

3. Social Media Remarketing

You can also choose to display your remarketing company’s ads on social media platforms like Facebook.

4. Email Remarketing

Target people by showing up your company’s ads within their email to remind them and make a final purchase.

Benefits of Remarketing

There are numerous remarketing benefits. The pointers are listed below:

1. Improved brand recall

Remarketing is the best marketing strategy that reminds prospects about your brand. This type of advertisement helps in a reminder to the prospect about your particular brand.

2. Better engagements with the target audience

This type of marketing is the best way to re-engage with your customers and let them get back to your site and make the final purchase.

3. Improved conversion rates

Remarketing can help drive visitors to your website and make a final purchase as this type of marketing gives a slight reminder to the user to complete the final purchase process resulting in better conversion rate.

4. Attract competitor’s customers

With remarketing; most of the companies use this strategy to target competitor’s customers. This will help you reach our target audience and boost your customer base.


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Top Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as a domain is very dynamic. The digital transformation is in full swing and the companies are doing their best to stay updated. These companies are trying to have an edge over others to keep up the crowd. Some of the biggest challenges and Top Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Marketing

Top Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Marketing

1. Online Reputation Management

The Challenge:  Online reputation management has always been one of the major challenges and has been tricky for business since the companies aren’t sure from where they need to start. Sometimes, companies don’t know how to handle negative reviews. These negative terms are a huge blow to potential customers.

Solution: The mission of the company should be to focus on generating positive word of mouth and buzz about your business. But if the customer is dissatisfied, the company can take immediate action to address the problem prior to the customer getting irritated and releasing a negative review of your company on the internet. Online Reputation Management is very Top Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Marketing

2. Social Media Engagement

The Challenge Social media has always been a big opportunity in the digital world because of the fast internet and accessibility to reach a wider audience through social media platforms. Video-streaming is predicted to be one of the most popular social media tactics. But sometime when the company is new to social media, knowing where to get started or even where to build an engaging audience in social media.

Solution: Social media can be treated as one of the most popular marketing options. Brands should be active on social media to make their presence felt online. The new brands should focus on building an active social media pages by making your audience engaged. That’s only possible by posting something interesting and unique. Regularly posting is also the key to build a base.

If the company is struggling to build a base, they should go for paid social media advertising and then sustain the momentum with an ongoing campaign to reach more people. Social Media Engagement is very Top Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Marketing.

3. Generating traffic & leads

The Challenge: Generating traffic and leads to your business has always been the biggest challenge and marketers are struggling with producing quality content for their website. Quality content is very much crucial for generating traffic on your website. Also, with so many options of platforms where to post and promote is very hard to decide.

Solution: If a company wants to produce enough traffic and leads, then the marketers should truly create high-quality content as well as focus on producing content what your audience needs and demand for. Also, need to focus on which platform to promote your content so that your audiences make it notice. Generating traffic & leads is very Top Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Marketing.

Whatever business you are into, be it whichever industry, there have been slew changes. Digital marketing has always been a dynamic domain. Therefore, the digital marketing trends are constantly changing. Marketers need to be updated with every shift in this field. Hence, these were the opportunities and the challenges that a business face in the area of digital marketing.


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top 5 social media marketing strategies 2019

Here we are going to discuss the top 5 social media marketing strategies 2019. Social media marketing has become one of the most crucial aspects of Digital Marketing, which has various benefits attached to it. One of the incredible benefits of social media is it helps to reach out to millions of users worldwide at one go.

If any organization is not using this source, which is not possible in this era, you are missing out on one of the best marketing opportunities.

This medium is less time consuming and most efficient for any business. With the technological advancements and deep penetration of internet overall section of society, social media has proved to be the most impactful, yet lucrative medium for small, medium and even big companies to spread a word.

Top 5 social media marketing strategies 2019

There are various benefits attached to social media marketing which proves that this is one of the major aspect of marketing opted by more than 90% of the companies. Some of these benefits are listed below that will help you be aware of its benefits as well as grow our technical know-how.

1. Brand Awareness

Social media is considered one of the most profitable digital marketing platforms. This platform can be used to increase brand visibility. By applying social media strategy, you can build brand recognition. Also, by spending a few hours daily it will have a major impact on your brand visibility and user experience. Brand Awareness is the most beneficial task in social media marketing  that’s the region they come in top 5 social media marketing strategies 2019

2. Search Engine Rankings

This is one of the major benefits of social media marketing is that it helps you rank better in the search engine. The higher the search engine ranking, the greater are the chances for any business to be recognized. Social media can help you rank your website rank through content promotion. The social media marketing helps in improving your SER and later improving the chance of gaining business.

3. Cost friendly

There are many advertising strategies but social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways among all. Creating an account and signing up for various social media platforms are absolutely free. Even if you invest in a small amount of paid advertising on social media it will give you a greater return on investment. Also, just by investing a little time and money, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and receive a higher return on investment on the money you primarily invested.

4. Engage with your audience

Social media is one of the best platforms for engaging with your audience base. The more you communicate with your target audience, the more are the chances for the audience to convert. Communication is very crucial as it builds attention and a major impact on the minds of the audience. Hence, conveying a good brand message.

Engage with your audience  is the most beneficial task in social media marketing  that’s the region they come in top 5 social media marketing strategies 2019

5. Increased traffic

One of the benefits of social media is that it helps to create traffic to your website. By generating engaging content and call to action buttons you are giving the users reason to click through your website. The more quality content you share in your website, greater are the chances of inbound traffic towards your business.

Every digital marketer should understand the benefits attached to social media marketing. This advertising strategy has advantages for startups as well as for established brands. By having the right social media strategy, it will result in a better impact for your business overall digital presence.

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Digital Marketing trends in 2018 that you shouldn’t be ignoring

Are you hungry about digital marketing latest trends? If yes, then this blog is for you. Digital Marketing has changed the whole face of marketing. With the add-on of modern technologies and rise in the digital marketing domain, business is figuring out how to match up with the pace. Here we are going to discuss the Digital Marketing trends 2018.

As 2018 is progressing, digital marketing is facing a dramatic shift. This domain is fast pacing. Hence, you need to stay updated on the same. There are new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high technological era and businesses need to use this to succeed in their marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing trends  in 2018

The pivotal for the companies is to stay updated on the new trends in the industry and find what is best for your business. Sometimes, what has worked for your business the previous year may not work for your business this year because of the new trends keeps on emerging continuously. Here are some of the trends that every marketer or digital learner should be aware of:

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is very crucial in marketing these days. It is believed that AI is very essential as it analyzes consumer behavior, their search patterns and all. These data help the business to understand how the users find the products and services. It is also believed that organizations opting for AI will save the cost and will surely accelerate growth. Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful Digital Marketing trends in 2018.

2. Personalized Content

Personalized content is a major aspect of marketing as this type of content has a major impact on the minds of the consumer. Personalization gives a unique experience to the customers based on their choice and interest. It is said that this type of content has huge chances of engagement as the customers feel delighted.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are very crucial digital marketing trend in 2018. This is an artificial intelligence technology that has a real-time instant messaging format. Most of the customers like interacting with Chabot’s as they are responsive and give answers immediately. These virtual assistants are giving outstanding customer services. Hence, various organizations are opting for this service to get better customer satisfaction.

4. Influencer Marketing

Instead of direct marketing, companies prefer paying to the key leader or influencers to spread a word of mouth for their particular brand. This type of marketing is also much in trend this year.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools to attract customers. It is also believed that this type of marketing delivers 11x ROI as compared to other forms of media. Influencer Marketing is the most powerful Digital Marketing trends in 2018.

5. Voice Search

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter day by day and also the numbers of errors made by voice assistants are getting less. It is very much possible to answer almost all questions through search engines but people have no patience to type and read the content, in this case, voice assistants play a crucial role in providing relevant audio content to the users.

6. Social Media Stories

With Snapchat coming out with the concept of “My Story,” then Facebook and Instagram stories were also introduced. Also, the Instagram stories are a big hit, with around 300 million active users. In this digital era, there is growing popularity of social media stories. Social Media Stories is the most powerful Digital Marketing trends in 2018.


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Top 5 Chrome Extensions for all Digital Learners

The best thing about Google Chrome is that it offers thousands of third parties extensions that add up the features, boost performance and, fix problems. Google chrome is the most used web browser worldwide. Here we are going to discuss the Top 5 Chrome Extensions for all Digital Learners

Extensions are of much use as they customize the whole browsing experience. These extensions are in addition to the existing browser to make your work easier. Hence, this blog will throw light on top 5 Chrome extensions for all those who are operating into the digital marketing domain

The extensions enhance marketing functions through the task they perform. Though the extensions are available in abundance there are some of the very useful extensions for every digital learner to simplify their work. We have curated top 5 Chrome Extensions for all the digital learners, listed below

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for all Digital Learners

1. Grammarly

It is an important tool for the one studying digital marketing, as it helps to correct the spellings, punctuation errors, and grammar of your content. This tool also helps in building a structured article or a blog so that you can post it to the readers or potential customers, thus, resulting in more views and engagement. The Grammarly is a very popular tool in Google Chrome and they come in list Top 5 Chrome Extensions.

2. allows you to quickly shorten the link. As of August 2018, this tool has shortened over 37.5 billion URLs. This tool provides the best URL shortening services. With you can track real-time stats to see which strategies are most effective. The is a very trending tool in Google Chrome and they come in list Top 5 Chrome Extensions.

3. Buffer

This chrome extension is the most needed as it eases down the work. It allows you to schedule the post and share it on various social media platforms. The best this about this chrome extension is that you can also analyze and track which post is performing well. The buffer is a very user-friendly tool in Google Chrome and they come in list Top 5 Chrome Extensions

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most important tools for any content marketer or a blogger as it gives an overview of content share count. It is one of the best tools for exploring new topics. And most importantly you get to know about trending content.

5. Page Analytics

Page Analytics chrome extension gives you an insight into how the customers interact, whether they click or not. Hence, allowing you to see the page views, bounce rates, and exit percentage. Thus, this tool helps you give a deep insight into how visitors interact with your web pages and how you can improve the user experience of your website by making changes in that.

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Most commonly used effective Digital Marketing tools

Digital Marketing tools are very much noteworthiness in a digital marketer’s life. As digital marketers, today live and die by the tools. A digital marketer is depended on right digital marketing tools to save time in their work as well as in helps them in efficiency factor. There are commonly used effective digital marketing tools, some of them are listed below Here we are going to discuss the Most commonly used effective Digital Marketing tools.

Top 5 Effective digital marketing tools

1. Canva

Canva is one of the best free, web design tools to design beautiful and unique images to share on the blogs, website banners or social media posts. You can use one of the amazing features of canvas one of them is a drag-and-drop feature. This awesome tool is very easy to use and professional layouts to design stunning and innovative graphics. One of the surpassing features of the canvas is that you make create completely unique images from scratch or to polish up some photos that you already have on hand.

2. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a very cost-effective social media management tool. This tool helps you schedule a post for social media profiles, pages and group on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more to increase audience engagement. The tool is meant to improve engagement and analyze results at a pocket-friendly cost. Social Pilot is the most powerful tool in Effective digital Marketing tools

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is a business-oriented email marketing tool for sending messages, collecting statistic and improving performance. The ‘forever free’ plan is perfect for budding entrepreneurs who are not ready to shell out money. This tool is great to start off.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a powerful social media tool for social media management and engagement platform to engage with current customers and prospective customers. Sprout social is the best Most commonly used effective Digital Marketing tools.

5. SEMRush

SEMRush is a powerful digital marketing tool that helps both paid search and SEO track and improve the overall search ranking. This tool is SEO and searches analytics software. The tool can also be considered as a competitor analysis tool.


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