Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

Any advertising can fall into two categories- Push or Pull. Most organizations are very much confused which marketing strategy to follow among these two. Over the decades, there have been debates going on the advantages and disadvantages of these two marketing strategies ie, Push Vs  Pull Marketing. Here we are going to discuss the Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

Nothing is certain in the world of social media. It is considered as the best platform to build a brand and it is much needed to utilize the platform for gaining followers and subscribers. Here are some of the best ways to convert your email subscribers into your social followers:

What is Push Marketing

Push Marketing is a form of advertising that sends a communication to the users. It is called general advertising or direct response marketing. In push marketing, the idea is to promote products by pushing them onto people. Traditional marketing is the synonyms of Push marketing. Direct mail, Email, free coupons, print, and broadcast are examples of this type of marketing.

The greatest advantage of this type of advertising is that it gives out instant results. In this type of marketing, there is less concern about branding and more about the instant and more about creating instant demand for a new product.

What is Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is to get the customers to come to you. Hence, the term pull is being used, wherein the marketers are attempting to pull customers in.  Today’s customers know what they are looking for and they look for the benefits themselves. Pull marketing is used when branding is of great importance. This type of marketing creates brand loyalty and keeps the customers coming back, whereas push marketing is most of the time concerned with short-term sales.

Push and Pull marketing differ in concept as well as in application. There is various Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing, some of them are listed below:

1. Concept

Push Marketing– It is also known as outbound marketing, as this type of marketing pushes out prospects and customers.

Pull Marketing– This type of marketing is also known as inbound marketing, which means the marketing efforts cause a prospect to find you when they have only interest. This is a very important Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

2. Marketing Strategy

Push Marketing– A push strategy is all about placing your product or service you offer in front of your prospects eye. This approach usually involves some type of paid advertising.

Pull Marketing– Pull strategy makes it easier for the researcher to find you. The major focus lies in generating awareness, increasing brand visibility and generating the lead through online content or major the content from your own website. This is the most valuable Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing

3. Channels

Push Marketing– Push Marketing is done by direct mail or by email. It is done to promote your product or services onto the customers with a motive for instant sales.

Pull Marketing– Pull marketing is a web-based method. The online content you create is designed to take the responders to place an inbound call.

4. Engagement

Push Marketing– This type of marketing works well if done correctly. Direct Mail to the customers is a perfect example if you have relevant customer data. This makes customers feel very special. Thus, increasing the chances of them taking the action sooner than later.

Pull Marketing- Pull marketing has a high level of engagement as the prospect shows interest without attracting them or anything. In this type of marketing, the prospects get attracted to your product/service without you as a company promoting it. Engagement is the most advantageous point task in every company and this is the Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing for Engagement

What to choose? Push or Pull Marketing?

This is a question which always arises. But successful marketers rely on the strength of each approach and often use them both. There is a need for using both the strategy. A mix of push marketing and pull marketing works best.

As a marketer, the first priority is always to make your prospect aware of your brand existence. If your company is newly established and has minimal visibility then it’s the duty to inform the world about it. Hence, in this case, a push strategy is opted by the marketer. After that, once the brand is visible and familiar than the inbound or pulls marketing really shines.


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