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The idea of using the email to promote the products / services and to develop a relationship with potential customers is known as email marketing. Email marketing is a vital sub-segment of internet marketing. It is the most effective method of targeting potential leads.
Email marketing provides an opportunity for targeting the consumers and audience with the hep; of electronic mail, as it is more evolved and digital form of direct email marketing.

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  • Permission-based email marketing
  • Non-permission based email marketing

Significant benefits in email marketing are:

  • Provides email deliverability
  • Provides mobile-friendly reading option
  • Provides an option of working on comprehensive reports according to the email campaigns

Why choose email marketing-

  • Customers are more shifted towards email marketing than any other source of information channels.
  • Some mobile users are spending more than 180 minutes daily. Email marketing provides an opportunity to ensure than there is a considerable reach within.
  • Email marketing is more cost and time positive which means it does not require an unnecessary investment of resources as well as efforts
  • Email marketing helps in building the relationship with your customers and enhance their brand loyalty as it increases brand awareness with their valuable pieces of information
  • It is an affordable option for outreach the potential buyers
  • It can efficiently and effectively acquire the customers
  • It makes a personalized impact on the readers
  • It increases the chance of click on the buy button
  • It provides access to the brand for mobile users
  • It offers easy measurable results


  • Email marketing for business
  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Email types
  • Permission types
  • Email marketing tools
  • Deliverability
  • Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing is an old practice, but it still has a 4300% return on investment. A high-quality email marketing content can build 15 times more traffic over the website and convert leads into loyal customers from social media.

Likes to click on the mail or content which comes provides a personalized experience to the customers. The consumers or readers who are reading and responding to the email campaigns are the most loyal and most valuable. Sending a personalized email make sure to provide an excellent experience to your loyal customers.

From the small business to some of the world’s most significant business email marketing is the part of their digital marketing campaigns. No one needs to have a big name or big budgets for starting a profitable email marketing campaigns. For a small business, it is essential to utilize their time and resources in the best way accordingly for most fruitful results.

For a valid email marketing campaign, it is essential to set all the steps prior to starting the first campaign.

  • Set the goal needs to be achieved
  • Create a most effective email list for sending campaigns
  • Select the most suitable type of drive according to the need of the business or brand
  • Create your first email campaign as per the decided goal

Email marketing is only successful if have a productive email subscriber list. A successful email subscriber list must content past, present and potential future readers.


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