Personal branding at Job Interviews

One of the most challenging parts of job interviews is to get noticed by the employer. If you are selected for the interview means you are being considered by the organization and would like you to investigate further. Also, you are going against other candidates. How can you differentiate yourself from others? Here we are going to discuss the Personal branding at Job Interviews.

Creating a strong personal brand helps a lot in the interview. You are not the only one going for that particular interview. There is cut-throat competition in each field these days. For the same position, there must be at least 5-6 candidates doing a f2f interview. How do you take an edge over these candidates? The only option left is to personal brand so that you don’t fail to impress the employer.

Tips to Personal branding at Job Interviews

1. Have a decent looking professional photo on all your social profiles

This is the most left out point but one of the most crucial among them all. Having a decent looking display picture helps a lot in personal branding. It somehow shows or the employer perceives that the person takes life seriously and is very professional. This communicates that the person is ready to make a special effort to achieve to become professional and step into the corporate world.

You can leave out Facebook and Instagram because they are your personal social networks. But you should definitely upload this professional picture in LinkedIn, Twitter and most importantly on your working email id. Also, you can put the same photo in your resume. Keep the photo consistent so that it is easy for people to recall you as a brand.

2. Have a custom domain email id

Want to set yourself apart from others? Here’s what you can do to achieve it. Most of the people apply in a company for an interview with Gmail ids, almost 90% of them. You can separate yourself and set an impact in the mind of the employer if you apply with [email protected] The idea is to just be better from others.

By doing the above two options, having a professional picture and custom domain email id will make you the most preferred choice among the people who have applied, and that’s all you need to do to create a positive impact in the mind of the employer. This is the best tips to Increase Personal Branding at job Interview.

3. Always preferred to have a blog

This is considered as one of the most powerful forms of personal branding, as anyone who can write can’t be neglected. Writing is not easy. It takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and expertise to sit and write about something. Most of the companies give assignments to the candidates before hiring them. These assignments can be in the form of report, analysis, blog or an article. But having a blog beforehand is an added advantage.

Most of the jobs that people get are because of their blog. The kind of articles that are published gives an insight to the employer about the subject matter expertise. The idea works as it changes the perception of the employer in positive terms. This is the best tips to Increase Personal Branding at job Interview.

4. Try to become a published author

If you become a published author, that’s the ultimate personal branding method one can do. This method is double mighty as compared to the blog. You can take the hardbound book to the interview or gift it to your potential employer. No one can resist taking that. Even if you are not hired or you rejected the offer for any xyz reasons, no one will throw the book.

It is expected that it will remain with them for a long time. This can be free retargeting for you. Your name will be in the physical space and they will keep looking at it or anyone who visits them will have a look at it.

If you follow these 4 pointers, you will ace any job interview with confidence. You just need to market yourself. Every employer is looking for indicators that define your intelligence and smartness. All the above branding method will help you communicate yourself better in terms of intelligence in front of the potential employer.


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