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4 Must-Try Instagram Analytics Tools in 2019

No matter whichever platform you are using for marketing, tracking your metrics and analyzing your results are very crucial to achieve success. Not only it helps you in knowing where you are reaching, how to get a fix and get back on track.

Instagram has become the new social media sensation. It is a social media platform which is fueled with pictures and video which has given a new dimension to visual marketing. This platform has become one of the best to narrate the brand story visually and encourage the consumers to generate and share the real-time activities in the form of pictures and short videos which can be good engagement techniques for a brand.

Using Instagram for marketing purpose has become very popular and is rapidly growing with over 70% of the companies using this platform in 2017. It is important that you use this platform for your business, but once you start, it can be difficult to detect whether you’re truly successful. Without having a clear picture of the right metrics, you’ll never know if you could be doing more to engage your audience or grow your following.

Ways by which brand’s use this platform- Instagram for Marketing

There are various ways for how marketers can use Instagram for marketing. Some of the ways are listed below:

  • Running contests, giveaways to increase engagements among the followers
  • Encourage people to post pictures using the brand’s hashtags
  • Conducting influencing activities through the platform

It is important to keep track of your activities for the key to success. We have curated some of the best Instagram analytics tools to keep track of your progress.

Best Instagram Analytics Tools

1. Instagram Insight

If you own a business account on Instagram, you automatically have access to their free analytics tool, Instagram Insight. This tool gives you insights on basic stats about your posts, profile views, and conversions. The best part is that you get data on Instagram stories as well, including reach, website clicks and more.

The tools give deep-dive information about your audience, like their location, gender, most active time of the day, etc. Additionally, you can notice and then compare your organic post with the promoted post to figure out what is working best for the brand. But unfortunately, there is no desktop version within this app. This tool provides a good basic overview of your analytics for both individual posts and account as a whole.

2. Simply Measured

It is a free tool which offers deep-dive stats about engagement. The tool shows you total engagement, and how that engagement measures up to the past posts. There is a scorecard you get through this tool which highlights your Instagram performance for any given time period.

3. Socialbakers

This must be not the most appealing tool as compared to others in the list. But the tool offers critical information, including your most liked and most commented on the post. Additionally, the tool also generates Instagram Report, which compares your own Instagram account with your competitor which can help you fall in the industry and see what you can do to improve.

4. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is the one-stop solution for those systematic marketers, who are keen to track the performance of their Instagram business profiles on monthly, daily or even hourly bases. Additionally, this tool offers insight into your follower’s interest. And you can also know what is the best time to post, depending on when are the followers most likely on the app.

I would like to recommend, any business to at least try to use a free Instagram analytics tool to assess the performance of your Instagram business page and bring actionable changes accordingly for your business.


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Tips to write an incredible About Me page of a blog

Many of us might be wondering which the most important page on your blog is. One of the most visited page or the page in which the readers are quite curious about reading it. It is the About Me page of a blog. Yes, for many it must be surprising, but it is true. Do you know why? Here’s the answer to your valid question.

When someone lands on your blog, he/she will feel, is this the right blog for me? Whenever a reader comes to your blog he/she will feel that if the blog is worth the time reading or is it of his/her interest in reading. And they’ll definitely look for the ‘About Page’.

Tips to write an incredible About Me page For a Blog

The about page will tell the readers about you, who you are, what are your interests, what you blog is all about and what exactly it does to the readers. The ‘About Me’ page for a blog can be considered as the foundation of your blog. It helps you build a relationship with your readers because people want to connect with real people. Readers want to know your experiences and expertise. The ‘About Me’ page for a blog builds trust in the minds of the readers.

But if the ‘About Me’ page is not written, then people won’t find more about you or your blog. And you don’t want that to happen. Hence, it is crucial writing ‘About Page’ first. Now let’s address the other question, how to write ‘about page’? Here are some of the tips which will help you to write effective ‘about page’.

1. Always write in the first person

If your blog is personal (and not a business blog), always write in the first person. So keep your about page personal and avoid writing in the third person as if someone else is writing/telling about you. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

2. Don’t write too much fancy

Be natural with your writing style, the way you speak, it must be in a conventional tone as if you are introducing yourself to someone else. This will make a close bond, a link and a connection with your readers which will help you in better engagement.

3. Tell them about yourself

Telling the users about you is very crucial. Who you are? Why are you blogging? What is the purpose of your blogging? The problem you are solving? What experience do you have? The readers are curious to know about all. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

4. Tell them about the blog

What is the blog all about? Also, what problem is it solving? What is the purpose of the blog is serving? How will it help the readers? Etc. Mention all of these. Always remember your blog is all about how it will benefit your readers. So keep the focus on it.

5. Ask them to subscribe

When people have read about you. And now that they know the reason about their blog, and how the blog can help them. It is the time where you can pitch them to subscribe to your blog and newsletter. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

These are the tips that you must always consider while writing an ‘about page’ for your blog. But still it is not complete; you need to revise it at regular intervals. Also, when you have written a bunch of blog posts, you can list the latest ones in the about page. If you have testimonials to showcase you can include that too. You can update accordingly with the experience you have gained since you started your journey of blogging.


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Unfolding the Digital Marketing training space with DigitalMantra

Building Digital India

The story of DigitalMantra got featured on ‘The Franchising World’ magazine. It is a tableau for the franchise business. The featuring cover story is ‘Building Digital India’ through imparting digital marketing training to the aspirants. The story stipulates how training in digital marketing works. The founder of DigitalMantra Mr. Devendra Singh & the co-founder Mr. Santosh Mishra have given their take on the digital ecosystem and how people can instill digital marketing education and training. The story has much more to it like addressing the vision of future plans of the company, empowering students & franchising support.

Mission Digital- Unveiling the digital marketing training landscape

Digital Marketing has been a one of the top searched keywords on any search engine list. Have you thought of it? Why? Most in demand skills in India 2018 is digital marketing. DigitalMantra is an institute that helps the aspirants learn the tricks of digital marketing. Having started its journey in 2016, the company offers professional digital marketing classroom training courses to help participants build a career or start their own business. DigitalMantra (a brand of Sanfran DigitalMantra Pvt Ltd) is a pure digital marketing training agency providing inputs for Facebook Blueprint and Google Certification, among others.

Founder of DigitalMantra & his thoughts

As Devendra Singh, Founder & CEO, DigitalMantra says, “Digital marketing is the need of the hour. Ignoring digital marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” The founder is an IIM Calcutta Alumni and has been a part of Digital Marketing since 2010 and introduces himself as ‘Marketing Mafia.’ Also, he quotes that, “He is a hardcore marketer from a digital background and has burned his hands and obtained the first-hand experience of digital marketing.”

DigitalMantra- a brand in digital marketing training education

Digital Marketing stands as a booming career option for the youths in India. DigitalMantra is not catering to one part of society but believes in delivering quality training to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. The company has a centre in Noida where it caters to around 150 students per month. It is also into institutional training wherein the trainer’s train around 500 students in a month at various institutions in Greater Noida. The USP of the course is that the students get trained by industry professionals that help them learn the best throughout the learning process. With 30+ modules, 80+ hours, 40+ tools and work on upmarket case studies, the curriculum is created that every student can gain utmost from the course through experiential learning.

Growing together

DigitalMantra is now looking for the right partners to grow together. Digital Marketing is one of the most flourishing sectors as of now. Hence, if anyone is willing to get into training others, there is a huge opportunity to create your own institute as our digital marketing franchise partner.

This digital marketing domain has path-breaking returns as well as growth. There are endless benefits attached to the partnering with us. We say don’t partner with us. Partner with Growth. Some of the benefits which our franchisees will get are mentioned below:

  • Manpower Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Centre promotion & marketing
  • 100% hassle-free operations

The franchisees will be backed by a strong support mechanism to make all operations hassle-free.

Be our franchising partner- Partner with us, Partner with Growth. 

Franchise facts

Future Plans

The company has been attracting a lot of interest from potential franchisees. By the end of this year, DigitalMantra will be having a minimum of 5-6 centres in Delhi-NCR and also looking forward to adding 10 centres pan-India during the first quarter of 2019. The idea is to experience the same success story in their region/location like DigitalMantra- Noida experienced in recent times.

The event: Franchise India 2018

Franchise India 2018 was a two-day event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. We were located at Hall no. 10, Booth no. A53. The close environment at the event was warm-up. Overall event experience was wondrous. DigitalMantra received around 200+ inquiries per day. People who were looking for business support where curious to know about digital marketing and how they can become potential franchisees. Some were also interested in knowing how we achieve the business timelines. Others were keen to know about when they can expect the breakeven and progressive income month on month.

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Remarketing: All you need to know why it is extremely important for you

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing tactic or action taken by the company to reintroduce a product or service to marketing response to declining sales. The cleverest marketing tactic to connect with the visitors of your website who have not made an immediate purchase. Remarketing gives you a chance to reach out to your customers who have previously visited your website. This process gives you another chance to convert them into sales.

This strategy is considered to be the most cost-effective strategy to increase your sales conversions because you are reaching out to the people who have already expressed interest in your product or service by adding it to the cart or adding it to wishlist but not making it a final purchase. Therefore, these are the people who can be retargeted for increasing your conversions.

How does it work?

For example, a visitor is looking for cosmetics may go to to browse different products available. However, many visitors leave without completing a purchase process. Knowing those visitors are potential customers, can tag these visitors as ‘site visitors’.

This will ultimately allow to deliver advertisements to the tagged ‘site visitors’. There is an option of segmenting the visitors into groups based on the pages they visited to show them highly relevant ads. Hence, resulting in increased repeated visits to your website.

Types of remarketing

There are different kinds of remarketing strategies you can use to remarket:

1. Site Remarketing

This type of remarketing is very commonly used and popular as it is just a matter of displaying ad to users on others website after they visited your site and not made a purchase.

2. Search Remarketing

This type of remarketing is targeting people based on their search keyword. If they use queries that relate to your industry, then showing them your company ads makes sense.

3. Social Media Remarketing

You can also choose to display your remarketing company’s ads on social media platforms like Facebook.

4. Email Remarketing

Target people by showing up your company’s ads within their email to remind them and make a final purchase.

Benefits of Remarketing

There are numerous remarketing benefits. The pointers are listed below:

1. Improved brand recall

Remarketing is the best marketing strategy that reminds prospects about your brand. This type of advertisement helps in a reminder to the prospect about your particular brand.

2. Better engagements with the target audience

This type of marketing is the best way to re-engage with your customers and let them get back to your site and make the final purchase.

3. Improved conversion rates

Remarketing can help drive visitors to your website and make a final purchase as this type of marketing gives a slight reminder to the user to complete the final purchase process resulting in better conversion rate.

4. Attract competitor’s customers

With remarketing; most of the companies use this strategy to target competitor’s customers. This will help you reach our target audience and boost your customer base.


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Digital Marketing trends in 2018 that you shouldn’t be ignoring

Are you hungry about digital marketing latest trends? If yes, then this blog is for you. Digital Marketing has changed the whole face of marketing. With the add-on of modern technologies and rise in the digital marketing domain, business is figuring out how to match up with the pace. Here we are going to discuss the Digital Marketing trends 2018.

As 2018 is progressing, digital marketing is facing a dramatic shift. This domain is fast pacing. Hence, you need to stay updated on the same. There are new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high technological era and businesses need to use this to succeed in their marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing trends  in 2018

The pivotal for the companies is to stay updated on the new trends in the industry and find what is best for your business. Sometimes, what has worked for your business the previous year may not work for your business this year because of the new trends keeps on emerging continuously. Here are some of the trends that every marketer or digital learner should be aware of:

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is very crucial in marketing these days. It is believed that AI is very essential as it analyzes consumer behavior, their search patterns and all. These data help the business to understand how the users find the products and services. It is also believed that organizations opting for AI will save the cost and will surely accelerate growth. Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful Digital Marketing trends in 2018.

2. Personalized Content

Personalized content is a major aspect of marketing as this type of content has a major impact on the minds of the consumer. Personalization gives a unique experience to the customers based on their choice and interest. It is said that this type of content has huge chances of engagement as the customers feel delighted.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are very crucial digital marketing trend in 2018. This is an artificial intelligence technology that has a real-time instant messaging format. Most of the customers like interacting with Chabot’s as they are responsive and give answers immediately. These virtual assistants are giving outstanding customer services. Hence, various organizations are opting for this service to get better customer satisfaction.

4. Influencer Marketing

Instead of direct marketing, companies prefer paying to the key leader or influencers to spread a word of mouth for their particular brand. This type of marketing is also much in trend this year.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools to attract customers. It is also believed that this type of marketing delivers 11x ROI as compared to other forms of media. Influencer Marketing is the most powerful Digital Marketing trends in 2018.

5. Voice Search

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter day by day and also the numbers of errors made by voice assistants are getting less. It is very much possible to answer almost all questions through search engines but people have no patience to type and read the content, in this case, voice assistants play a crucial role in providing relevant audio content to the users.

6. Social Media Stories

With Snapchat coming out with the concept of “My Story,” then Facebook and Instagram stories were also introduced. Also, the Instagram stories are a big hit, with around 300 million active users. In this digital era, there is growing popularity of social media stories. Social Media Stories is the most powerful Digital Marketing trends in 2018.


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Top 5 Chrome Extensions for all Digital Learners

The best thing about Google Chrome is that it offers thousands of third parties extensions that add up the features, boost performance and, fix problems. Google chrome is the most used web browser worldwide. Here we are going to discuss the Top 5 Chrome Extensions for all Digital Learners

Extensions are of much use as they customize the whole browsing experience. These extensions are in addition to the existing browser to make your work easier. Hence, this blog will throw light on top 5 Chrome extensions for all those who are operating into the digital marketing domain

The extensions enhance marketing functions through the task they perform. Though the extensions are available in abundance there are some of the very useful extensions for every digital learner to simplify their work. We have curated top 5 Chrome Extensions for all the digital learners, listed below

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for all Digital Learners

1. Grammarly

It is an important tool for the one studying digital marketing, as it helps to correct the spellings, punctuation errors, and grammar of your content. This tool also helps in building a structured article or a blog so that you can post it to the readers or potential customers, thus, resulting in more views and engagement. The Grammarly is a very popular tool in Google Chrome and they come in list Top 5 Chrome Extensions.

2. allows you to quickly shorten the link. As of August 2018, this tool has shortened over 37.5 billion URLs. This tool provides the best URL shortening services. With you can track real-time stats to see which strategies are most effective. The is a very trending tool in Google Chrome and they come in list Top 5 Chrome Extensions.

3. Buffer

This chrome extension is the most needed as it eases down the work. It allows you to schedule the post and share it on various social media platforms. The best this about this chrome extension is that you can also analyze and track which post is performing well. The buffer is a very user-friendly tool in Google Chrome and they come in list Top 5 Chrome Extensions

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most important tools for any content marketer or a blogger as it gives an overview of content share count. It is one of the best tools for exploring new topics. And most importantly you get to know about trending content.

5. Page Analytics

Page Analytics chrome extension gives you an insight into how the customers interact, whether they click or not. Hence, allowing you to see the page views, bounce rates, and exit percentage. Thus, this tool helps you give a deep insight into how visitors interact with your web pages and how you can improve the user experience of your website by making changes in that.

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How can Digital Marketing Certification help you?

Not only for fresher but for the working professionals and entrepreneurs too, digital marketing certification can be of much use. These digital marketing certifications can help the path-breaking progression for them to foster them in their career. Here we are going to discuss How can Digital Marketing Certification help you?

Due to digitalization, people are very much aware of the importance and demand for digital marketing. Everything is related to the internet, whether you talk about shopping, banking and watching commercials or news. Therefore, the internet has become a necessity in our lives. Hence, it has become manifest to invest a career in digital marketing as the old or traditional methods are totally out to date.

With the benefits of digital marketing, businesses are investing more and more in this rather than carrying out the traditional approach of marketing. The more investment of digital marketing field has led to the rapid rise in the importance of digital marketing, more career opportunities and much more. This is the major reason why people are opting for this course to add these demanding skills to boost up their CV.

This blog will help you understand why it is a smart decision to learn digital marketing and how can digital marketing certification help you in the future.

How can Digital Marketing Certification help you?

Getting Digital Marketing certification will help you in your professional life. It will also help you get a good and better opportunity which will be an added advantage for your growth.

Boost your CV

Mentioning the certificate on your CV will add value to it and which will help in overall increase and boost your confidence level. After the digital marketing course, Digital Marketing Certification is the most important. Help you to increase your CV.

Helps you in retaining

Some people are very happy and satisfied only by getting a job. We say don’t be happy with just a job, grab a skill which will help you in the future. Hence, you grab digital marketing as a skill set, the organization will retain you at every stage as it is the most demanded skill set one could ever have.

Updated about the Industry

If you were opt-in for this particular course, you will get to know about the ideologies and concept of this domain. The digital marketing experts will help you guide the dynamic industry and how to stay updated on the same.

We at DigitalMantra believes in providing quality education to the trainees so that they gain the utmost from the course. We are DigitalYogis, who give mantras on digital marketing that will help you get experiential learning throughout the course. The institute is backed up by an agency and now stepped into delivering digital education.

Why is it necessary to get certified in Digital Marketing?

Most demanding Job

Businesses are very much depended on the internet. Hence, organizations have eliminated the traditional approach of marketing. However, there is a need for skilled digital marketers in the industry. Digital Marketing skill set is one the most demanding skill set as there will be around 1,80,000 job opportunities in this domain in the next 3 years.

Increase in Job opportunities

As you can see, the demand in the digital marketing field is insane. There is a huge demand for digital marketing skills. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for professional digital marketers. Also, the multinational companies are majorly hiring the people with the digital skill set.

High Pay

The demand for digital marketers is rapidly increasing. There are a huge demand and a need for a good digital skill set in various sectors. Hence, people with these skills good packages. Also, the bar is set even higher in the coming years with more opportunities coming through digital marketer’s way. The pay scale is not only high for the managerial level but also for entry level depending on your skill set.

Digital Marketing Certification
Digital Marketing Certification

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Why is Digital Marketing Training crucial?

If you are new to digital marketing, you might be wondering what exactly is digital marketing. Read on further to gain clarity on what is it all about, why it is important to opt for this training. If you are passionate about acquiring these skills, digital marketing training is crucial.

What is Digital Marketing?

With the evolving technology, the advertising of products and services has been changed from traditional to digital. Hence, this change in promoting the products and services through the internet is what we call Digital Marketing. There is an opportunity for this field. According to a LinkedIn survey, Digital Marketing is expected to generate more than 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020.

Digital Marketing training and its importance

As we are all aware of the fact that the scenario has changed from a traditional approach to a new way called technical.

If you are interested in the role of ‘digital marketer’ in a company, this means learning from the best digital marketing institute is very much crucial. As your digital leanings from a digital marketing institute will help you shine in your career. Moreover, this course will ensure trainees to master in various modules like SEO, Social media marketing, Email marketing and much more.

There are various reason why you need to opt-in for the digital marketing training –

  • If you are learning from the best digital marketing institute, it will improve your online marketing vision by making you understand technology, internet, and advertising ecosystem.
  • It’s only about seeking the best digital marketing training which will help you stand out from others in terms of digital marketing skills.
  • The course will help you in developing advertising ideas.

Why do you need to attend the training?

There are various institutions providing digital marketing course but to choose the best among them all is very much necessary to gain the utmost from the designed course.

  • Seeking the right guidance to outshine in your digital marketing career.
  • To become a pro in digital marketing. If you become an expert in this domain, there is no looking back, as it is the most demanding skill set.
  • You will be aware of various advertising services which may help you if you are planning to start your own business or to be a successful executive.

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Passionate about Digital Marketing trends and techniques? Join Us
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Generally, people are confused about their career path. Career holds a major part in our life and a right career path helps you acquire success. But don’t worry, it’s okay to be confused about your career. Hence, you need to choose a career path in a particular field in which you are passionate about. If you are passionate about digital marketing, opt-in for digital marketing training. There are various digital marketing institutes in every nook and cranny. Hence, people find it tough to choose the best digital marketing institute among all.

Are you looking for a career in Digital Marketing? If yes, you are on the right track. As digital marketing is one of the booming sectors. A survey suggests that there will be around 18 lakh job opportunities in the digital marketing domain. We at DigitalMantra offers advanced professional digital marketing training to job seekers, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. The course is designed according to the industry standards that it fit into all the categories of the individuals. The training institute believes in providing quality knowledge by delivering classroom training sessions by our certified faculty.

Why DigitalMantra?

If you are serious to build a career in the Digital Marketing industry then you need to choose wisely. Here are some of the reasons listed why you need to join us for the best of the learning process.

  • We provide best classroom digital marketing training. Enjoy your interactive sessions with DigitalMantra
  • Over 30+ modules are designed for the course so that our trainees don’t lose out on anything
  • Total 80+ hours of rigorous learning to brush up the digital skills
  • Get 40+ free tools that will help your hands-on experience
  • Receive 12+ certification after successful completion of the course
  • Get experiential learning through working on live projects, weekly assignments, and upmarket case studies
  • Best curriculum is designed as per industry standards
  • Get trained by not just trainers but from the real practitioners who are working in the industry and have a rich experience in this domain
  • Lifetime query support on discussion forums

Who can join in for the course?

Digital Marketing is a field which is booming and has become the best career option recommended by LinkedIn as well.  This course is the most opted among various other courses available. Before a decade nobody knew that the digital marketing field would have such rapid growth. Unlike other courses, digital marketing needs no such qualification but a person must have a sound knowledge of computers and the internet. Digital Marketing is not about education level or qualification but about skills.

Below are the set of people who can opt-in for the course –

  • Students (including Graduates, MBA, dropouts, aspiring students) – No matter whichever course you are pursuing whether it is IT, Sales or Marketing you need to have in-depth knowledge about digital marketing because after some years you will end up working in corporate or start of your own venture.
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  • Entrepreneurs – The most requirement of digital marketing knowledge is in the startups. Also, digital marketing offers the flexibility of starting your own business, as you market your product and service in an innovative way. Hence, reaching out to the target audience and converting them into your customers.
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  • Working Professionals – These set of people can pursue this course in order to increase or uplift their skill set to match the industry standards.
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Hence, make your smart decision to choose the best digital marketing institute among all that provides rich knowledge in the particular domain.


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