Unfolding the Digital Marketing training space with DigitalMantra

Building Digital India

The story of DigitalMantra got featured on ‘The Franchising World’ magazine. It is a tableau for the franchise business. The featuring cover story is ‘Building Digital India’ through imparting digital marketing training to the aspirants. The story stipulates how training in digital marketing works. The founder of DigitalMantra Mr. Devendra Singh & the co-founder Mr. Santosh Mishra have given their take on the digital ecosystem and how people can instill digital marketing education and training. The story has much more to it like addressing the vision of future plans of the company, empowering students & franchising support.

Mission Digital- Unveiling the digital marketing training landscape

Digital Marketing has been a one of the top searched keywords on any search engine list. Have you thought of it? Why? Most in demand skills in India 2018 is digital marketing. DigitalMantra is an institute that helps the aspirants learn the tricks of digital marketing. Having started its journey in 2016, the company offers professional digital marketing classroom training courses to help participants build a career or start their own business. DigitalMantra (a brand of Sanfran DigitalMantra Pvt Ltd) is a pure digital marketing training agency providing inputs for Facebook Blueprint and Google Certification, among others.

Founder of DigitalMantra & his thoughts

As Devendra Singh, Founder & CEO, DigitalMantra says, “Digital marketing is the need of the hour. Ignoring digital marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” The founder is an IIM Calcutta Alumni and has been a part of Digital Marketing since 2010 and introduces himself as ‘Marketing Mafia.’ Also, he quotes that, “He is a hardcore marketer from a digital background and has burned his hands and obtained the first-hand experience of digital marketing.”

DigitalMantra- a brand in digital marketing training education

Digital Marketing stands as a booming career option for the youths in India. DigitalMantra is not catering to one part of society but believes in delivering quality training to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. The company has a centre in Noida where it caters to around 150 students per month. It is also into institutional training wherein the trainer’s train around 500 students in a month at various institutions in Greater Noida. The USP of the course is that the students get trained by industry professionals that help them learn the best throughout the learning process. With 30+ modules, 80+ hours, 40+ tools and work on upmarket case studies, the curriculum is created that every student can gain utmost from the course through experiential learning.

Growing together

DigitalMantra is now looking for the right partners to grow together. Digital Marketing is one of the most flourishing sectors as of now. Hence, if anyone is willing to get into training others, there is a huge opportunity to create your own institute as our digital marketing franchise partner.

This digital marketing domain has path-breaking returns as well as growth. There are endless benefits attached to the partnering with us. We say don’t partner with us. Partner with Growth. Some of the benefits which our franchisees will get are mentioned below:

  • Manpower Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Centre promotion & marketing
  • 100% hassle-free operations

The franchisees will be backed by a strong support mechanism to make all operations hassle-free.

Be our franchising partner- Partner with us, Partner with Growth. 

Franchise facts

Future Plans

The company has been attracting a lot of interest from potential franchisees. By the end of this year, DigitalMantra will be having a minimum of 5-6 centres in Delhi-NCR and also looking forward to adding 10 centres pan-India during the first quarter of 2019. The idea is to experience the same success story in their region/location like DigitalMantra- Noida experienced in recent times.

The event: Franchise India 2018

Franchise India 2018 was a two-day event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. We were located at Hall no. 10, Booth no. A53. The close environment at the event was warm-up. Overall event experience was wondrous. DigitalMantra received around 200+ inquiries per day. People who were looking for business support where curious to know about digital marketing and how they can become potential franchisees. Some were also interested in knowing how we achieve the business timelines. Others were keen to know about when they can expect the breakeven and progressive income month on month.

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Remarketing: All you need to know why it is extremely important for you

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing tactic or action taken by the company to reintroduce a product or service to marketing response to declining sales. The cleverest marketing tactic to connect with the visitors of your website who have not made an immediate purchase. Remarketing gives you a chance to reach out to your customers who have previously visited your website. This process gives you another chance to convert them into sales.

This strategy is considered to be the most cost-effective strategy to increase your sales conversions because you are reaching out to the people who have already expressed interest in your product or service by adding it to the cart or adding it to wishlist but not making it a final purchase. Therefore, these are the people who can be retargeted for increasing your conversions.

How does it work?

For example, a visitor is looking for cosmetics may go to to browse different products available. However, many visitors leave without completing a purchase process. Knowing those visitors are potential customers, can tag these visitors as ‘site visitors’.

This will ultimately allow to deliver advertisements to the tagged ‘site visitors’. There is an option of segmenting the visitors into groups based on the pages they visited to show them highly relevant ads. Hence, resulting in increased repeated visits to your website.

Types of remarketing

There are different kinds of remarketing strategies you can use to remarket:

1. Site Remarketing

This type of remarketing is very commonly used and popular as it is just a matter of displaying ad to users on others website after they visited your site and not made a purchase.

2. Search Remarketing

This type of remarketing is targeting people based on their search keyword. If they use queries that relate to your industry, then showing them your company ads makes sense.

3. Social Media Remarketing

You can also choose to display your remarketing company’s ads on social media platforms like Facebook.

4. Email Remarketing

Target people by showing up your company’s ads within their email to remind them and make a final purchase.

Benefits of Remarketing

There are numerous remarketing benefits. The pointers are listed below:

1. Improved brand recall

Remarketing is the best marketing strategy that reminds prospects about your brand. This type of advertisement helps in a reminder to the prospect about your particular brand.

2. Better engagements with the target audience

This type of marketing is the best way to re-engage with your customers and let them get back to your site and make the final purchase.

3. Improved conversion rates

Remarketing can help drive visitors to your website and make a final purchase as this type of marketing gives a slight reminder to the user to complete the final purchase process resulting in better conversion rate.

4. Attract competitor’s customers

With remarketing; most of the companies use this strategy to target competitor’s customers. This will help you reach our target audience and boost your customer base.


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