Tips to write an incredible About Me page of a blog

Many of us might be wondering which the most important page on your blog is. One of the most visited page or the page in which the readers are quite curious about reading it. It is the About Me page of a blog. Yes, for many it must be surprising, but it is true. Do you know why? Here’s the answer to your valid question.

When someone lands on your blog, he/she will feel, is this the right blog for me? Whenever a reader comes to your blog he/she will feel that if the blog is worth the time reading or is it of his/her interest in reading. And they’ll definitely look for the ‘About Page’.

Tips to write an incredible About Me page For a Blog

The about page will tell the readers about you, who you are, what are your interests, what you blog is all about and what exactly it does to the readers. The ‘About Me’ page for a blog can be considered as the foundation of your blog. It helps you build a relationship with your readers because people want to connect with real people. Readers want to know your experiences and expertise. The ‘About Me’ page for a blog builds trust in the minds of the readers.

But if the ‘About Me’ page is not written, then people won’t find more about you or your blog. And you don’t want that to happen. Hence, it is crucial writing ‘About Page’ first. Now let’s address the other question, how to write ‘about page’? Here are some of the tips which will help you to write effective ‘about page’.

1. Always write in the first person

If your blog is personal (and not a business blog), always write in the first person. So keep your about page personal and avoid writing in the third person as if someone else is writing/telling about you. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

2. Don’t write too much fancy

Be natural with your writing style, the way you speak, it must be in a conventional tone as if you are introducing yourself to someone else. This will make a close bond, a link and a connection with your readers which will help you in better engagement.

3. Tell them about yourself

Telling the users about you is very crucial. Who you are? Why are you blogging? What is the purpose of your blogging? The problem you are solving? What experience do you have? The readers are curious to know about all. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

Therefore, keep a track of which tactic is performing at par and which is not. In the end, try different things and run campaigns to keep your social media site in the mind of the visitors.

4. Tell them about the blog

What is the blog all about? Also, what problem is it solving? What is the purpose of the blog is serving? How will it help the readers? Etc. Mention all of these. Always remember your blog is all about how it will benefit your readers. So keep the focus on it.

5. Ask them to subscribe

When people have read about you. And now that they know the reason about their blog, and how the blog can help them. It is the time where you can pitch them to subscribe to your blog and newsletter. This is very important to set up an About Me page for a blog

These are the tips that you must always consider while writing an ‘about page’ for your blog. But still it is not complete; you need to revise it at regular intervals. Also, when you have written a bunch of blog posts, you can list the latest ones in the about page. If you have testimonials to showcase you can include that too. You can update accordingly with the experience you have gained since you started your journey of blogging.


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