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Blog December 26, 2023

Get INR 1 Lakh Virtual Balance for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Are you a digital marketer but don’t have enough money to spend on advance yourself? 

Don’t Worry! 

We (DigitalMantra) have a solution for you.

DigitalMantra is providing 7 days durational digital marketing course in Noida.

On top of that, you are offered with tremendous opportunity to get simulation based training in Noida.

With the provision of experienced professional experts, DigitalMantra has designed 7 days digital marketing course which is a classroom-based training program. The trainee can learn PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign management and Adwords experience

The digital marketer can gain an in-depth knowledge of targeting strategy.

What is Simulation based digital marketing training in Noida?

As time passes by digital marketing is becoming more complex and is developing at a very high rate. Now, the techniques and tools of reaching the targeted audience have become more sophisticated and are evolving every now and then. 

With the use of simulations, marketers can evaluate the impact of new technologies and features on their communications with the audience.

Simulations you can keep up with the constant stream of product innovation.

The learner would be facing virtually a real-world challenge which encounters while working on a real client project.

For example; you would practically learn to adjust bids for a PPC campaign that is underperforming or testing multiple versions of a landing page in search for a better engagement rate.

This gamified simulation tool is high in demand by novice marketers. They learn to take decisions by themselves and get good results with positive feedback. This whole process is under the guidance of a certified professional

As the risk of damaging a client’s brand or spending real funds is removed, learners typically demonstrate creative thinking and problem solving which are later applied to real projects post-simulation.

Comparison between DigitalMantra training and Other Institutional Training

Training at DigitalMantra                     Other Institutional Training
Simulation-Based TrainingNo Simulation-Based Training
It costs you less than 20K i.e., cost-effectiveIt costs you more than 50K
Consume 7 days onlyConsumes more than 2 months
1 Lakh virtual money spendingNot Available
Feasible for students, employees, entrepreneurs and business ownersNot feasible for everyone

Feature of 7 Days Training Programm

This 7-day simulation based PPC training Programm would be comprised of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign management. 

  • Google certified experienced trainers.
  • 3 days of classroom training and get hands-on training over simulation tool to run the campaigns. 
  • Once you are done with 3 days of classroom training you would be offered with INR 1 Lakh virtual money which you would be spending to learn how to manage campaigns
  • Managing campaigns will make you industry ready and make you a pro in PPC.
  • In the end, there would be an assessment examination which would be telling how professional you get and what new things you have learned.

What are the certifications?

Google offers much digital marketing course to train the students with many digital marketing process and strategies. These certifications are free of cost. 

This will help you in building growth in your career and adds value to your resume.

The techniques which have been added to your skills would boost a company’s revenues to a greater extent.

The Google certification will be comprised of:

  1. Google AdWords Fundamental
  2. AdWords Search Certification
  3. AdWords Display Certification
  4. AdWords Mobile Certification
  5. AdWords Video Certification
  6. AdWords Shopping Certification
  7. Google Analytics Certification

You will also receive a training certification from DigitalMantra. 

It does not matter what you do or in what profession you are, but what matters is that you should have zeal, passion, possession, and dedication towards becoming a professional and advanced digital marketer.

Join our 7 days digital marketing course program in Noida where you would clear all your doubts and queries you have. Our experienced mentors will help you to become professional and stand out of the crowd. DigitalMantra provides one of the best simulation based Digital Marketing training in Noida.

Don’t miss the chance as there will be limited seats in the batch. Now is the time to take a decision and get enroll yourself.

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