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Blog December 26, 2023

Restart your career ladies with Digital Marketing

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The scope of digital marketing in India is enormous. There are vast opportunities in this domain as it is the most booming sector in the industry. Also, women have been closing the gender gap when it comes to education. No wonder, there was also a time when women were barely limited to their day to day household activities or just taking care of babies.

Now, the role of women is more improvised with the help of education. Today women are more educated and capable of living independently. However, there is still a section of women in the society who even after completing the desired education are still stuck in the same routine of household work.

No wonder, it’s no wrong in being a housewife but you will find these housewives to be educated and using technology to stay updated all the time. Whether they are using Facebook to chat with friends, ordering food online, watching YouTube video etc. Therefore, these technology friendly ladies can gear up and use their tech addiction into big-time independent earning.

How Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a huge platform for job seeker and freelancers to earn a livelihood. This is a domain which is much in demand and has become a necessity for any business regardless of its size to do digital marketing.

Still muddled how digital marketing can be helpful for women to restart their career? Don’t worry this blog will help you understand this. Housewives can restart their career if they learn digital marketing and, earn independently.

Why housewives should opt for Digital Marketing?

1. In-demand profession

This field is very booming and various job opportunities. It is also considered as one of the Top 5 trending profession around the world with scientists, engineers, doctors, and teachers. In this era of digital, everything is depended on the internet, from ordering food online, booking air tickets, shopping to paying bills.

Every business is targeting its audience (online customers) on social media platforms or running advertisements on Google or Social media platforms to advertise their products/ services. For all this, businesses need skilled individuals in the field of digital marketing. And the best part of this field is that you can handle all the marketing tactics even through your home.

2. Easy to learn

Learning digital marketing is easy as compared to other professional studies. You can learn digital marketing through YouTube videos, blogs, and e-books. But it is always advisable to learn from an institute that offers digital marketing learning. It is a short term course which will help you in giving a deep understanding of the course. Also, investment in learning digital marketing is low. There are various institutes offering the course with different modules and course duration. Hence, the course available in the market ranging from approx. Rs. 15K to around 65K depending on various factors. Therefore, there is no harm in investing this amount to add the most trending skill set.

3. Freelancing Opportunity

As far as restarting the career is concerned of a woman, she would need some time for her family as well. Hence, learning digital marketing will boost the chances of having freelancing opportunities and earn a good amount simultaneously. The companies are in need of digital marketers who can help them with their internet marketing and this is the job profiles which do not require physical presence in the office i.e., you can work from home as well. Therefore, the companies are also looking for a freelancer who can sit at home and work at an affordable cost.

4. Fulfill your dream of being an entrepreneur

Sometimes, women do have a dream of starting their own and be independent. But, most of the times things don’t go plan due to many responsibilities. If you fall in this league, you can start living your dream by learning digital marketing.

For example: If you want to set up your online store and market your product/services in the best way possible or you can start off by writing too if it is your passion by starting your own blog.

5. No need to leave your home

As mentioned above you can work while sitting at your home. The best part of the industry is that you don’t need to work for 9 to 5 shift and leave your home daily and go to the office to satisfy your financial and career needs. All you need is on point digital marketing skills and the internet to perform all your core activities.

Digital Marketing is the booming industry. You don’t need a particular qualification; all you need is the knowledge of the internet and passion to live your dreams. And being a housewife of this era, digital marketing can provide a platform to explore and implement your choice and dreams at a whole new level.

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