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Blog December 26, 2023

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers

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Here we are going to discuss the top 10 Digital Marketing young influencers which have flooded their success over the social media platform. Young people in today’s world are the most active internet users and they have the power to gain attention in a very short interval of time.

In the present scenario, marketing through the media is very common and must. Every human is busy over the internet and in fact, it has been found by the researchers that we spend around two hours twenty-two minutes per day in social media platforms.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencer

1. Prajakta Koli Youtuber

PrajaktaKoli is widely known for her comedy videos on Youtube channel named as “mostly sane”. She is a very popular Youtuber in India and she regularly posts vlogs, comedies, and vines. She is having 3.9 millions of subscribers on Youtube. She is basically from Mumbai “City of Dreams” and she is one of the social influencers at the age of just 25 years.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencer
Prajakta Koli Youtuber

Her dreams were to become a radio jockey when she was young and have also worked at Fever 104 FM radio station in Mumbai as an intern. Through social media, she is earning around INR2.45 lakhs to 3.36 lakhs every monthShe was also declared as the ‘Viral Queen’ of 2018 at the Indian Wiki Media Digital Awards.

It has been found that on 7th March 2019 she won a “Women of Worth (WoW) Award” by Outlook Business magazine and was awarded as the YouTuber of the Year at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards on 24 March 2019.

Prajakta was also featured by Entrepreneur Magazine as part of their 35 under 35 class of 2019. PrajaktaKoli only 25 years old and she comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

2. King Sidharth Entrepreneur

King Sidharth is mainly recognized as India’s top young entrepreneur and has listed in the World’s 25 Young Entrepreneurs in the year 2010. He has started his work in the field of website design and development but at the same time, he never restricted himself to explore more. He is a regular speaker on the topics spirituality and entrepreneurship.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
King Sidharth Entrepreneur

Sidharth has started his own online magazine for teens named as “Friendz” and also writing a book about the intersection of science and spirituality and he is now 28 years old. King Sidharth only 25 years old and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

He started developing short video clips on the internet. Sidharth is planning to organize a conference named as Createens and this conference would be for the teenagers for the guidance in blogging, entrepreneurship and many more. He is the head of product design at Instamojo.

3. Deepak Ravindran digital Marketing Influencers

Deepak Ravindran is Digital Marketing young influencers widely known for the development of Lookup which has been widely utilized by the users and this app connects consumers with local businesses.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Deepak Ravindran digital Marketing

He is the founder and CEO of Lookup and the Co-founder of Startup Village. Deepak’s first venture was Innoz. Technologies which was initiated in the year 2011 along with his four friends from college. In 2011, he started SMSGyan, an SMS-based system which was initially launched in India.

Deepak was also the Co-founder and CEO of Quest app which is a platform enabling mobile phone users to ask a question via a text message.

Deepak is mentioned in the list of outstanding innovators under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. The age of Deepak is 34 years old. He is accredited as the “Mark Zuckerberg of India” by the Business Insider.

4. Akhilendra Sahu Founder Of ASTNT Technologies 

AkhilendraSahuis only 17-year-old and he is the Owner & Founder Of ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Technical Next Technologies. He is only 17 years old and is known as the Young Indian Entrepreneur. The company of Akhilendra ASTM  is an Indian based company which provides services in the field of website development, digital marketing, application development, and search engine optimization.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Akhilendra Sahu Influencer

He is ranked on the top in Madhya Pradesh as a web designer. The company Technical Next Technologies provides publishing and web hosting solutions in India. He has also published his apps on the Google Play Store. AkhilendraSahuis only 17-year-old  and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

5. Somya Gupta Instagram celeb

Somya Gupta is an Instagram celeb who is known for her fashion modeling photos and lifestyle sharing pictures. She has an Instagram page named as “TheSassThing”. She is only 20 years old and has already flaunting herself in front of the world boldly.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Somya Gupta Instagram Celeb

Currently, she is having more than five lakhs followers on Instagram where she has posted more than one thousand pictures of her. She is basically from Mumbai.  Because of her popularity through Instagram and her interest in fashion and makeup, she has been a brand ambassador for a several beauty product lines, including Maybelline India, Calvin Klein, Loreal, Lakme, Garnier, and many more.

Through her social media presence, she earns around INR 200,000 each month through advertising on the social media platform. Somya Gupta is an Instagram celeb and she also comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

6. Ritesh Agarwal Founder of OYO Rooms

Ritesh Agrawal is only 25 years old and is the founder and CEO of one of the largest hospitality business OYO Rooms.

Since childhood, he was interested in software. Later, he joined the college “Indian Business School” but after attending 3 days he took a leave to start working on a project and he never came back. He just continued his work and today he owns a company and have a network of budget hotels in 154 different cities and have more than 2,000 hotels.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Ritesh Agarwal Founder OYO

Ritesh has won the award of Business World Young Entrepreneur and is a fellow of Thiel foundation. His first venture was Oravel Stays in the year 2012 which helped him to achieve the funding from VentureNursery. Today Masayoshi Son of Softbank the world’s biggest investor wants to partner with him.

He has also received Forbes “30 under 30” award and Top 50 Entrepreneurs by Tata First Dot. His monthly income is more than INR 2 crores.

7. JoJo Siwa Digital Marketing Influencers

JoJoSiwa is an actor and youtube personality and a social media influencer. She is having over 8.4 million followers on Instagram. JoJo posts her videos every day on her youtube channel named as “JoJoSiwaVlogs”.

JoJo has 9.7 million subscribers and she has appeared on different shows like Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, etc.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Jojo Siwa Digital Marketing Influencer

while JoJo became famous after appearing in “Dance Moms”. JoJo has partnered with American department store J. C. Penny where she is promoting her accessories, dolls which resembles her and have also released books which aim to young people.

The full name of JoJoSiwa is Joelle Joanie Siwa and she is 16 years old and is already earning a net worth of 10 million dollars. Her signature look is a tight ponytail with a big bow. She is promoting herself through social media and even helping other brands to promote.

She is actually utilizing the perks of social media marketing. JoJoSiwa is an actor and youtube personality and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

8. Ryan Higa Youtuber

Ryan Higa is an American actor and a Youtuber. His channel on youtube is known for comedy videos. He is the most subscribed person from the year 2009–2011 and his youtube channel is named as “nigahiga”  and have 21 million subscribers. He has become a star and is now promoting several brands like Lenovo and comments on movies but one main thing which makes him out of the crowd of social marketers is that,

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Ryan Higa Youtuber

He stays true to his audience and Ryan has cultivated a huge mass of fan base which helps him to interact with the millennial and targeting younger consumers. Ryan has 2.01 Million followers on Twitter where he tweets every now and then.

He knows how to attract his fans and he is a professional in it. Ryan Higa’s age is 29 years old and he has a net worth of 10 million dollars.

9. Ben Pasternak Australian entrepreneur

Ben Pasternak is a popular teenager who is an Australian entrepreneur. He got famous in high school when he launched his first app.

His full name is Benjamin Pasternak born in Sydney and he dropped out of his school to focus on the career he opts for. During his teenage, he created 2 apps named as “Impossible Rush” and “Impossible Dial” which he sold later.

Later, Ben was included in the list of Crain’s New York Business Magazine ’20 Under 20′ where the lists of teens have mentioned for their work at an early age and want to make their mark in the world. Pasternak was named as the most influential teen by Time Magazine.

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Ben Pasternak

His other work is a retailing app Flogg which have raised million euros in venture capital. This app was mainly developed for the young generation where they can buy and sell any item, a kind of retailing app.

He is having his own company comprises of 7 members in New York. He is only 19 years old and he has a net worth of 4 million dollars which is more than 27 crores. Ben Pasternak is a popular teenager and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

10. Tiffany ZhongCEO of Zebra IQ

Tiffany Zhong is merely 21 years old but she is the founder and CEO of Zebra IQ. She had made this company to make a way between the brands to understand the demands and the need for youth and Generation Z along with their views and suggestions.

Tiffany was recognized as the TIME’s Most Influential Teens of 2015. She is known to be the youngest venture capitalist when she joined in Binary Capital soon after her graduation. Her statement in the World Report was:

Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers
Tiffany Zhong

“I am fearless. I’ll try all sorts of things, I’m a risk-taker.”

At the age of 15 years, she started a magazine focusing on music, technology, and fashion  Later, she was in a tech education startup and joined as a full-time investor focusing on early-stage consumer startups. She has been a great marketing influencer. Tiffany Zhong is merely 21 years old he is the founder of Zebra IQ and he comes in Top 10 Young Digital Marketing Influencers.

According to the report presented by Data and Marketing Association, 45% of marketers have plans to utilize social media for brand marketing and in the next five years, there would be an increase in spending.

Over the past few years, influencer marketing is on the verge of marketing and this is much more popular in the group of millennial as they trust their influencer’s review before buying the product or services from any company. The young influencers are playing a vital role in social media marketing.

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