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Blog December 26, 2023

Why MBA & BBA students need digital marketing skills?

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According to a study published in Indian Express, “only 7% of MBA graduates are employable”. This is not to discourage any business graduate or post graduate. But the reality is unless you an MBA graduate from top B schools, there are high chances that you’ll end up getting a low salaried job. In this blog, we are going to discuss the 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.

That’s where you need to add an extra skill to sharpen your skill set. As far as digital marketing is concerned, it is much in demand because the industry is looking for digital marketing professionals.

Top 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing

Also, when your audience or the consumer is on the internet where would you advertise or market your product or services? Traditional marketing is taking a backseat while the companies are aggressively turning into this new platform i.e. digital media for marketing. Therefore, these business students must think of pursuing digital marketing training program. Here is the detailed justification of why.

1. Easy to learn

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Easy to learn

The best part about digital marketing course is that it is 100% non-technical course. Digital Marketing can be easily grasped and trained on. You just need to be internet savvy to pursue digital marketing course after MBA. This domain includes a lot of science, analytics, marketing knowledge, which I am sure an MBA can easily execute this methodology. So this is the reason to easy learn comes in 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.

2. Freelancing opportunities

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Freelancing opportunities

Digital Marketing can open up freelancing opportunities. You can work from home and can start taking up projects and earn a good amount by optimizing the websites or promoting products on social media. Also, you can start your blog and make money through advertisements. Also, you can end up starting your own business too. For example, you can start your digital marketing agency by providing digital marketing services to clients.

3. Boost up your CV

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Boost up your CV

Digital Marketing skills are very much in demand. Therefore, if you develop this skill set, you won’t only need internship experience to give weight to your CV. The course will speak for itself. Also, one of the pro for pursuing this course is that it provides a host of opportunities for you to kick start your career before you even set your foot in the industry. So this is the reason to boost up your cv comes in 5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills

4. Certification is plus

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
Certification is plus

Earning certification gives weight to your CV. When you receive professional certification, it demonstrates a certain knowledge and skill. This thing gives you an edge over others. Google too certifies you in their Adwords segment if you successfully complete their step by step online exams. Digital Marketing certification adds value to your CV as nowadays businesses need professionals that are certified in Digital Marketing skills.

5. High growth rate

5 Reason MBA & BBA Students Need Digital Marketing skills.
High growth rate

The government of India has launched the Digital India, program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Now, the opportunities are not only available in metro cities but also in small towns. Indian Prime Minister announced that by 2020 on the digital space there would be more than 20 Lakhs available to students. Therefore, there is a great opportunity in this domain.

As the digital era is here, to stay connected with the smart consumer you need to go digital. As they are accomplishing multiple tasks on digital devices from shopping to searching to booking tickets and much more. To reach them marketers need to go digital. And when they go digital they certainly require digital marketing professionals who can help them work on it. This is the reason why digital marketing course after BBA/MBA is considered one of the best jobs oriented certification courses.

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